Garmin help please

I want to have access to my Garmin data when I'm away for a few days next week - I've already downloaded Garmin Connect to my Fire tablet, and that seems to work ok, but to upload runs I need Garmin Express too, is that correct? My tablet is "not compatible" and it seems to be beyond the capabilities of my little netbook to download GE, any suggestions please? Is it just me?

From your friend the technophobe...

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  • Not sure which garmin model you have, but some will need the cable to sync with garmin express . Garmin connect can be logged into on any device to view your uploads. Some garmins have Bluetooth which syncs to your phone and then onto garmin connect. So I think you will need something other than a tablet. Your garmin will store a good few runs or you can manually add them to garmin connect.

  • Thanks Andy, I have the basic Forerunner 10, I have the cable of course. Mine doesn't have Bluetooth, nor would my phone deal with it I suspect. I'll have another go at getting GE on the netbook. I just didn't want to wait until I get home!

  • I was able to get garmin express working on a Windows netbook but I had to get an adapter to be able to plug in the USB cable.

  • My netbook will take a USB, my question was really - do I need Garmin Express?

  • Yes, you need install Garmin Express in order to download from your watch to your device. Then you look at the connect website to see your runs. You don't install Garmin Connect, it's a website.

  • Thank you, that's nice and clear for an old technophobe...I'll try again with GE x

  • My understanding is that Garmin express is for a PC. I use Connect through my android phone and tablet

  • Thank you, GE should work on my little netbook then, I'll have another go xx

  • Woot woot! Technophobe 1 - computers nil!

    Finally managed it, it took ages for the netbook to recognise Minnie, I think because it is very old and under powered and hasn't been switched on for ages, so I think it was doing a million updates, but I've done it, and uploaded a little walk! Funnily enough I can't view the run on the netbook, but I can on my tablet. Thanks for your help everyone, I have a special run or two coming up so wanted to see it straight away XXX

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