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Garmin help please

I found a button on my Garmin that lets me choose my first and second screen display, my question is how can I scroll between them when I'm running?


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I thought I tried that yesterday and only managed to stop and record the run.I was glad I'd only just started so didn't lose a long distance off that run.

Your watch shows 3 fields? I doubt I could read 3 with out my goggles...Yesterday I used pace and distance, what a massive difference it made! You know, I knocked 6 mins off that 12K route, can't believe it!


Oh yes! Minnie has made the biggest difference to my running, her and my great buddies on GC

You might remember when I got home I said like I felt I'd lost the progress I made in France - well, I just now feel I've recovered from the journey. Weird isn't it, it only takes a few days to get home and I stop off in Spain... it works in the other direction too, when I got back there in June I couldn't manage under 48 mins for 5K. Must be culture shock or something! Well, I'm here now and have another 4 months to show running who's boss!


Let me know if you find out how to scroll between the 2 screens. The only time I tried I managed to stop it recording. Mind you, like Kat, doubt I could see the screen well enough to take on board any information displayed xx


It's the bottom right button. If you are just running with the watch not doing anything clever (i.e. no run walk options or whatever), there are 3 'screens'. When you start running, the screen shows two pieces of information (I have chosen the amount of time I've been running top and distance bottom). If you press the bottom right button (which has a little down arrow next to it) you can show two different pieces of information (for this screen I chose top pace and bottom calories used). If you press the bottom right button again it will show you the time like an ordinary watch. Just keep pressing the bottom right button to scroll through these three screens.

You can select what pieces of info you want to show - below is the link to the user manual and instructions are on page 2 under the heading 'Changing Data Fields'.


If you aren't looking at this on a proper computer and can't access this link, let me know and I'll type it out - I was going for the easy option!


Thanks my dear, I searched online but couldn't find manuals...I'll give it a go when I go out soon. BTW, are we going to meet up for a run one of these days?


I think my watch lets you flip between screens but quite frankly I have enough trouble keeping up right and moving without trying to push buttons while I'm moving :) I have the distance I've covered and my pace on the screen which I can keep an eye on. I do love my garmin - best gadget I've got by a long way!!

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How can *anyone* go on a run without constant awareness of a dozen different metrics? You *need to* know your current pace, lap pace, total distance, heart rate, time and lap distance + lap time for any interval based training. And of course the navigation indicators, the actual time of the day, number of beers' worth of calories burnt, last sms received and the ftse100 index{}.

Did you think you could just go for a run and ... and just run? Just go and enjoy it? Silly mare!

{}: Ok, I made the ftse100 one up.

All joking apart - why not practise the buttons on the watch while sitting comfortably at home in the lounge, rather than when you're out there enjoying those all-important metrics? ;-)


Said the man with elevation, pace, heart rate, cadence, ground contact time, vertical oscillation, and shoe size on his watch....It worked perfectly of course when i was sitting comfortably at home, it was when I was and about that it cut off my run (again) and had me jumping up and down cursing... didn't you hear me where you are?


yeah but no but yeah but... that's a completely different issue. Vertical oscilation and its variation over the course of a run is... errr.... very useful for all sorts of reasons that sadly I am not allowed to divulge on a public forum. Very hush hush, you see. Official Secrets Act and all that. You don't want THEM to win, do you? If I were to tell you, I'd have to kill you afterwards.

There was actually a minor earth tremor felt here in the East Riding, and I did hear a roar. I stupidly assumed it was the RAF doing their exercises as they do every now and then. So that was you? Wow, remind me to never get you angry!

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Too late - RROOAAARRR!!!

Seriously though I just want to be able to scroll pace and time elapsed, doesn't seem too much to ask.. time elapsed alone has made such a difference to my running, I got the pace display going the other day, absolutely brilliant! To have them both would be great! I don't want to win races or even enter any but I know from swimming it's a bit less boring when you go a bit faster...and a toy to take your mind off things when it gets a bit tough helps too! x


You know, I knocked 6 mins off my 12K route when I switched to pace...gotta luv a garmin!


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