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Training Advice Needed

Hi, it’s been a while since I last posted.

Stupidly I got carried away and signed up for a half marathon in May! At the time I had just done my first 10k and was looking for the next challenge. We had just had a new baby and with Xmas I had a little break. Once the new year started I worked out a training plan that would have me running 3 times a week, one short faster 5k, one slightly longer recovery run and one long run every week. I had it worked out that by increasing my long run by 1k every week I would build it up slowly to doing my longest run 4 weeks before the half marathon, then just tail it off a bit in the last few weeks.

I hurt my back and had to have a break, I’ve been advised to take it easy now and don’t push it god the next 2 weeks and get back to where I left. Which was 11k.

My question now is what do I do then? I’ve got 10 weeks to race day. Barring any more setbacks do

1. Increase my long every week by 2k to get to race distance by 4 weeks before and tail off again as planned.

2. Just increase by 1k every week and go right to race day leaving myself short and no tailing off.

Or something totally different.

It’s all so confusing.

Sorry for boring post:)!!!

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Well, you don't need to get to full race distance before race day. When I did my first HM I had done 18k as my max, and perhaps 16k twice. Was absolutely fine on the day. I have also never tapered for anything. Unless you are running for a specific time and have several races under your belt I really don't see it as being necessary.

My main tip would be do whatever feels good. Don't push harder than you feel comfortable. even if you end up walking some of your race it doesn't matter. The worst thing you can have when training for an event is pressure looming over your head. It robs all the enjoyment out of the thing and has a hugely detrimental effect on your training and performance. See how you feel on your training runs. If you feel you have an extra 2k sometimes, do an extra 2k. If you're not feeling it, stick with 1k. Either route will get you close enough. The less you stress about it the more you will enjoy it and the more you enjoy it the better you will run.


Thank you, sounds very wise!


Any plan should give you wriggle room for set-backs. I think you have plenty of time. You can increase by 10% per week - but that is 10% of your overall distance, no just your long run. But add the 10% to your long run - if that makes sense.

So, if you ran 5k, 5k and 10k this week, then the following week you could go to 5k, 5k, 12k. I would caution to listen to your body (I'm sure you are) and factor in a bit of a break every 4 weeks. So, just to 3 5k runs for a week , then back to the programme.


I’d heard about the 10% thing but never really worked it out. Like the idea of an easy week too. Will do that I think. Thanks:)!!


Both rignold and WhatsApp has the right idea!

You have plenty of time and enough time to take your time,look after yourself properly and listen to your body. Don’t over do it. And when you come to do your HM you don’t have to run it all (although you probably will) just have a little walk to get your breath back!

I think the main thing is not to stress and slow and steady will get you there!

Happy running !😀😀

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Slow and steady, I need more of that. It’s hard to reign myself back but need too. Thanks!

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You’ll do it! 😀😀


Take your pulse every morning and if normal then run if it's up then you need a rest. Your body speaks keep listening.


What Rig said :)


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