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Half Marathon Training


So I appear to have signed up to the Liverpool Half Marathon at the end of May!

Long story but peer pressure :-)

I can currently run 10k but I need to find a decent training plan to get me to the next level, has anyone used any Half Marathon training plans or does anyone have any suggestions on the best way of moving forward?

I think it's about 17 weeks away so should be do-able.

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Wow, well done you. I've used 'my asics' plans a couple of times, for a 10 miler and on one now for my first HM, I really like them, they're free, and worth having a look at, you put your details in and what you're aiming for- number of runs a week etc., and it will give you a predicted time. You can move it around, and it adjusts as you go along.

Just put 'my asics' in the internet search and it will come up

There are plenty different ones to choose from, hope you find something that suits!

Good luck!


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Cheers Madge, I'll have a look.

Am also using the myAsics plan and happy with it !


Me too but put in accurate details based on previous race times, if poss. Also I would deffo opt for the easy beginner plan, say three times a week. The intermediate plan is so tough it could break you before race day. I speak from experience

Bear in mind we are still beginner runners for 28 to 24 months

Take care

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Thank you Misswobble,

The 4 runs / week looks do-able but I'll see how it goes and ease back if i'm struggling. It seems to be relatively easy to "tweak" the plan.

Can't advise on a training plan unfortunately as 10k is my limit but I can tell you a bit about the event as I was there with the family last year (5k for me and the half for the missus).

The running of the whole weekend was very well organised. The Rock 'n Roll is mostly an American series with a few races in Europe and they ship the events team from place to place.

Such a great course for the half marathon, bands playing at regular intervals and fabulous crowds! You start at the Albert Dock then duck in to town (via The Cavern Club), back out and south for a bit before climbing up to Chinatown and the Cathedrals. Then turn back and run out to Princes Park (parkrun!!!) then over to, around and through Sefton park. The course then takes you out to Otterspool before dropping down to the prom for the final leg along the Mersey and back to the Echo Arena. That last bit is quite a schlep and you might find it tough if it's your first half marathon. Last year it was sunny all weekend and there's not much shade along the prom so look out for yourself. Just think of the free pint of beer at the finish! Top quality bling too and if you're feeling brave, run the 5K on the Saturday to claim a 3rd bonus medal for completing 2 races-major bragging rights!

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Thank you Michael,

Some friends have done it before and loved it which is why I've been press-ganged :-)

I am really looking forward to it though, despite my negative posts :-)


I've used Hal Higdon's "novice" training plans on a couple of occasions and found them good.

His "novice" HM plan is here: halhigdon.com/training/5113... . The plan starts with 4 miles for the long run, if you chose this plan you should adapt it rather than "go back" from where you currently are.

The same about the MyAsics... sometimes it gives a few weeks of conditioning at the beginning of the plan. If you're already running 10k you might want to discuss with yourself whether you really need that.

In general: Plans from the internet are great, but be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses, and don't be afraid to adapt things to suit your unique circumstances.

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Cheers Tomas,

I'll check that out.

I've got plenty of room for improvement in my 10k though so going back a bit isn't an issue for me.


There's another Health Unlocked forum you might like to join, if you haven't already of course :) It's for marathon/half-marathon training chat...


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Ooh, that seems like Commitment, but I'll check it out, thank you. :-)

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lol :D

My thinking for moving onto half marathons was that it's just 10k plus another 10k (and a bit :)). With 17 weeks you should have no problem working towards the hm distance steadily. The half marathon is a really nice race to do, have fun!


Another vote for MyAsics. You have time.


Right you My Asics users, the plan it's giving me involves several hour runs on week days, the only problem is that I'm going to struggle to fit an hour in. 45 minutes is probably the most I can guarantee on a weekday.

Does it automatically adjust the plan if you miss targets? Will it recalculate to get round the shorter runs?

I've found a Bupa plan which has 30-40 minute runs during the week and longer runs at the weekend, they obviously think it's do-able with shorter runs and that is actually a shorter plan than the My Asics one.

I'm just wondering if I can mix and match them or will the Asics plan just give me longer and longer runs to make up for missed time?

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The MyAsics plans, from memory, have lots of 8K runs with various pace targets.

If you shorten these runs, after a time, the plan will be adjusted in terms of your estimated finish time (and target pace for training runs) but not in terms of increasing distance for upcoming runs.

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Cheers, that's what I was hoping :-)

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