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What next?

Hello All

I graduated from c25k back in the summer. I didn't get to 5 k so spent the rest of the summer and autumn in between a Achilles injury building to 5 k. I am now running 5 k quite happily somewhere between 35.50 - 37 ish and have been since October.

So what next? Do I try to improve my time or go for longer distance? Is there a pod cast like c25k that I can download if I want to try to get to 10k.

Not sure what I really want to do but really enjoying running and feeling better for it.

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It's really up to you what you should do next. Some people concentrate on speed, others on distance and there are even people who carry on running 5K. You could try mixing it up for a while and run hills, trail (if you currently run on roads), different routes, intervals. If you decide to increase to 10K then ju-ju- has done a training programme here. Just check on the pinned posts.

Whatever you do, keep running regularly and don't do too much too soon. And enjoy it!

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C25k+ Stepping Stones podcasts free to download from here

Ace ! Audiofuel music but great training and hours of intervals. I still do them a lot because I think they’re so good

Our very own Juicy Ju has a 5 to 10 training prog and had done some film clips about it over on the 10k community. Hop over there and get signed up. It’s called 10 is the magic number. She is the resident panther, leads from the front and will get you through 👍😃🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️✔️

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