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First 10k next Saturday



I graduated c25k in July and rather rashly entered a 10k. Well it’s a week to go until the event, I’ve managed 8.6km and I wondered whether I should really have run the actual distance by now?

I was going to go out this afternoon and try 10k but would it be better to just do short ‘quickies’ from now until Saturday?

Feeling quite nervous, I don’t know why I entered. Sounds all serious with ‘this is not a fun run or a walk’ written on the instructions and there is a sweeper bus!!! My aim was to do it round the 70 minute mark that aim is now to just finish and not end up on this bus.....wish me luck

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Personally I wouldn't do the 10k before the event as you just have a week... the fact you have got to 8.6k is great and will hold you in good stead. Take it slowly and aim for a slow or walk break every 2.5k or so. Do not be put off by all the rules. I did a challenging marathon back in April and they said the same at the beginning. I walked loads , loved it and was second to last. Did I care? No! I just enjoyed the experience. Good luck 😎

HiddenGraduate10 in reply to ju-ju-

Thanks, that is good advice about slowing the pace every 2.5k.


I think it comes down to your type of personality. Entering a race for a distance that I was not familiar with would be against the grain for me. I would not want the possible nagging doubt that I might not be able to run the distance..........but I have only entered one 10k race, so I am sure Ju-ju's advice is coming from a far more experienced source.

You will have no trouble getting to 10k on the day, I am sure, as long as you start off at your own pace. Most training plans, in my opinion, don't give a new runner enough taper time. That is based on the fact that nearly all my PBs have come after a break from running for a few days. Don't tire yourself out this week.

HiddenGraduate10 in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks for the advice!


There's nothing you can do at this stage to get more ready for,your race apart from getting plenty of sleep and keep well hydrated. Maybe try a slow, gentle 5K in a few days and then leave it at it. I always leave 3 days no running before a 10K race but do lots of stretching.

You'll be able to run the full distance no problem. I believe that if someone can run 7K in training they can run 10K on race day. The crowds and atmosphere will pull you through!

Don't start off too fast and try to keep to a consistent steady pace throughout. If you have to walk then walk.

Good luck, enjoy it and remember, this is supposed to be fun! You'll be brilliant 🙂

HiddenGraduate10 in reply to Irishprincess

Thanks for your encouraging words! Staying hydrated is sound advice and I will definitely start slow and steady. I’m starting in the pen farthest from the start so hopefully lots of others doing similar pace.

Floe in reply to Irishprincess

I only ran 7.5K before my 1st and only 10K. Had a few walk breaks, but not too many just slowed down. The crowd and atmosphere pulled me along. I'd like to try again so here to do it properly. Great advice


I agree, keep them short from now. I firmly believe that if you can run 8.6k you can run 10k so have faith. I am another runner who likes to run the full distance before race day but many first timers who follow training programmes don't, so I am sure you will be fine. Remember to go off slowly and pace yourself - wishing you lots of luck!🙂

HiddenGraduate10 in reply to Sandraj39

Thanks! I keep thinking once this is done I never have to do it again. Just no pressure park runs from now on I think!


You'll be fine. Stop worrying. I'd run the night before, just a slow jog round the block. You could do a few short jogs between now and the big day but nothing longer than 5k

Walk when you need to! That's the way to get round and finish the race. Stopping to get your breath back is absolutely fine. Everyone does it so don't worry about it

Plenty of sleep and enough to drink (other than alcohol that is, tee hee) I like to eat griddled salmon and wholewheat spinachy pasta the night before.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes. We'll all be right behind you. Come on! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha x

HiddenGraduate10 in reply to misswobble

Wow, you are all so kind and encouraging! Thanks so much for advice 😁👍


Best of luck Nessie. I'm sure you will do great with all this good advice from the vets here!


You can do it! Best of luck and heed the advice given by the experienced folk above! Enjoy 👍😊 looking forward to your race report


You will be fine. Just don't allow yourself to be pulled along too fast at the start - many people start off fast, even from the slower pens, and it's easy to panic and think that you are being left behind. Then you start too fast and wear yourself out. I speak from experience! Know your pace and stick to it, then you'll be able to carry on for the distance. As everyone else has said, you'll probably be encouraged by the crowd and the atmosphere and you may well run a little bit faster than you normally do, and that's okay, just don't wear yourself out at the start.

Have a great time, and let us know how it goes!

Just do a 3 to 5k no later than Tuesday. Hydrate well this week. Eat well the day before.

Start slow and steady. If you need a walk then take it. I always find i have a marker to make sure I start running again....... at that far tree I will run again sort of thing. It helps me be more disciplined.

Enjoy! If you have completed 8 k you will definitely do the 10k🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻😀


I’m just like you, entered my first 10k on 8th Sept. have run a few 11ks but am now poorly with an infection, so hope to recover to get some shorter runs in before the day. I’m nervous as hell too. You will be fine Nessie, slow but sure, that’s at the start then the crowd will pull you through I’m sure. Good luck.

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