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After C25K, what next?


I have recently finished my C25K and am now consolidating my running by doing park runs and running on my own. I am tortoise speed and have issues with sore joints. Is their a programme I can follow to give me some structure to my running?

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I didn’t really follow any structure. I started by running 5k x 3 times per week with one of the runs being parkrun. Over a few months my time for 5K started to improve. This year I started trying to get faster. I did interval training and also lost 2 stone in weight. As a result I took almost 8 minutes off my parkrun PB finish time. I also started running a longer run each week and added 500 meters onto the long run each week until I got to 10K.

It’s a different journey for everyone. Each of us has to find and follow our own journey. It’s very hard after finishing the C25K plan. But stick with parkrun, that is a great focus.



You could try the C25k+ podcasts or join Nike Run Club and try different speeds and distances or just listen to the stories while you pootle along. JogRunSprint if you like self imposed pain 😂 Getting that gait analysis done and some appropriate shoes will help your joints. Right, I’m off for a 2 hour bike ride!

TailChaserGraduate10 in reply to Sandie1961

I tried that C25k+ podcast straight after graduating and it was flippin’ hard work! And JRS is just plain evil 😂 Personally I’d leave that podcast for now and build up running stamina (& probably JRS). Lots of people swear by the Nike Run Club if you like a bit more structure but personally I just concentrated on getting my 5k down to a decent time. Ticked that one off then one day I went for a run and ended up doing 7.5k and decided it was time to do the Bridge to 10k. Took 5 months to get to 10k after graduating. It sort of all happened naturally.

Definitely do the gait analysis if you’re going to continue - there’s a shop in Leamington that does it.

Good luck and hopefully see you again at Parkrun soon 😊👍

Hi I felt rather rudderless when I finished c25k. These are some of the things I did to help keep me motivated, maybe one will work for you

1. First aim keep going out 3 x per week

2. Once consolidated for a couple of weeks I dropped one run down to 15-20 minutes. It took quite a mental shift to allow myself to do this, but i started to enjoy running.(rather than slogging it out to 30 mins)

3. Finding new routes. Osonline is worth signing up to imho. The mental stimulus of remembering where to go took my mind off the process of running.

4. After saying on here "I've no interest in running further", needing structure, I signed up to juju's magic plan. I did the timed version not distance as I hadn't got to 5k. I am a snail so 5k is about 45 mins on a good day 🐌 I enjoyed this WAY more than I thought I would. Got to 50mins continuous running before injury. Note do not get talked into a race that has giant inflatable obstacles! Currently building back up having been on the IC

5. Try trail running. During dry weather I do this in my normal road shoes. You just need to be sensible with the different surfaces. Walk bits if needed! In the summer I often walk up the Downs then run along the top and down. Be careful running down steep bits if knees are an issue. It takes time to learn the art of downhill running 😊

6. Sign up to Nike Run Club. Their guided runs are great, especially if you decide to do the juju plan. They even have a run called "I don't want to run run" 😆

7. Never compare yourself to others. There is no such thing as too slow but you can go too fast.

To combat joint issues make sure you have correct footwear. Get gate analysis at a proper running shop not sports direct! Put a post on here if you need recommendations from your area.

Also take an extra rest day if you need to. And plan to do your longest run of the week before the 2 rest days you would naturally have.

Sorry it's rather long winded but hope it helps in some way. Most importantly, enjoy your running, however YOU choose to do it 👍👍👍 Have fun! 😊

thank you, where do I find Juju's magic plan??

You will find info in the pinned posts area of this B210k forum. If on your phone keep scrolling down. If on a pc I think it's on the right hand side?

They start a new cohort every 8/9 weeks but nothing to stop you doing it on your own. Have fun 👍

WindozeGraduate10 in reply to Jogunlikely

This is by far the most complete post I have seen 😎 I will back up the consolidation of your runs. After that you will have a feel for what you want to do next..

Jogunlikely in reply to Windoze

😆 I'm not sure I'm capable of doing short posts. I've got rather evangelical about this running malarky 😉

TailChaserGraduate10 in reply to Jogunlikely

Blimey, that’s a great reply!!

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