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Advice on what to do next from some more experienced runners!


Hi there, I graduated from C25K 4 weeks ago and have been running 3 times a week, every week. I’m still loving it more than I ever thought I would! Even more so with everything going on - finding it lifts my mood more than ever 😊.

Anyway, reason for my post is I need a bit of advice on what to do next... since graduating I’ve done 2, 30 mins runs and 1, 40 minute run a week, my pace has increased over this time, so still got that fab feeling from C25K of improving all the time! But what should I aim for next? Should I make my runs longer or try and go faster? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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Congratulations on your running, you could try and get the the 10K podcasts, B210K or try Ju Ju's Magic 10, that is a program week by week gradually increasing your running distance to 10K

Reluctantrunner40Graduate10 in reply to AlMorr

Thank you, Ju Ju’s Magic 10 looks like it would suit me, gradually improving week by week. I was happy just doing my own thing when I first graduated but feel like I need a plan again now! ☺️


Its totally up to you what's next but if you're interested this is the plan that lots of people used to go further . You can do the time or distance. Good luck😊

Reluctantrunner40Graduate10 in reply to Buddy34

Thank you, this does look like it would suit me, I need another plan to follow now! ☺️


Should you go longer or faster is your call only. Both, maybe? I normally use my feelings as a guide. The beauty of amateur running is that there aren't rules but our own rules of chaos and freedom.


Well done on your progress so far. You’ve done great.

5K is a great distance. To be honest I think you should get used to running 5K x 3 times per week for another month before moving onto 10K. It will stand to you.

When all this craziness is behind us give parkrun a go. There’s nothing like chasing a PB time and striving each week for improvement.

Enjoy and happy running.



I did JuJu's Magic 10 plan and joined the Bridge to 10k group on here, found it really supportive and motivational

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