Signed myself up for a 10k. Eeeeek!

Hi all, I graduated C25K on 30th December and today signed myself up for the Oxford Town and Gown 10k in mid-May, in aid of Muscular Dystrophy.

I'm really excited! I'm already running 5k so I figure I should be fine to hit 10k by May without pushing myself too hard. It feels great to think I can challenge myself and put my new hobby to good use at the same time by raising some money for a good cause.

Feeling very motivated and excited to see where running can take me in 2018! 😊

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  • Awesome! I’m only on week 6 but excitedly scouting out runs around me for further on in the year. Good luck!

  • Sign up to ju-ju- 's 10L plan on Bridge to 10K forum...... :)

    You will have to get in some consolidation runs first, but it is a superb plan... I repeated it before Christmas to get back to 10K after being on the IC:)

    You have a great target.. :)

  • Go for it! It's good to have a focus and raising money for a very worthwhile cause will keep you going. Good luck!

  • Excellent! You have time and you will do well. Keep us updated :)

  • You could go up to running 10k from 5k in as little as 6 weeks so you have given yourself an acheivable goal with plenty of wriggle room. Good luck!

  • Well done for competing C25K it’s a great program. Good luck in all your running 🏃‍♂️ in 2018

  • Good for you! a gal with a plan is a force of nature 🙂 Go steady in training , gradually increasing no more than 10% a week

    Our very own Juicy Ju is the 5 to 10k jog leader extraordinaire! Leading from the front as per, she’ll get you there and you’ll have fun. There’ll be loads here doing it

    Have fun! 😃👍

  • That's an excellent plan, a great cause, and I think you have plenty of time to work up to a comfortable 10k. Happy running in 2018!

  • Thanks all - I’m definitely excited but will make sure I take it slow.

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