First indoor track run

First indoor track run

We had the snow yesterday. Not much of it, but it did freeze over quickly and I realized in the morn that I had no trail shoes or ice grips, so in the interest of personal safety, I opted to run at the indoor track nearby. It’s quite a short track and was a bit monotonous but not so bad with my tunes going. I got the 7k run in and was able to get back home to work. Its been really busy lately.

Also went for a longer walk with my wife on wed and we found the wooded trails in the parkland behind the cemetery (thats the pic here). Really nice and hilly. Looking forward to trying them out when its a little less icyπŸ˜€

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  • What a beautiful spot, something to look forward to! I thought my Trail shoes would be enough grip in a light snow but I think the rubber on runners is like summer tires on the car- not as grippy in frozen temperatures. I'll definitely be using my ice traction spikes on my next outside run-maybe today. It's nice that you have the option of an indoor track to run on, it would be monotonous but better than slipping, hurting yourself and end up on the IC!

  • Yes its a pity I didn’t check this out earlier. Thanks for the trail shoes tip. I will need to look into the spikes next I guess :)

  • I just have slip on grippers with little metal posts that a friend picked up from Costco. They're not running specific and work well for me. When I used them with normal runners and get on cleared paths I could feel them through the soles of my shoes but didn't notice it with my trailrunners today.

  • i remember seeing those in Costco and wondering how they would be for running and if you could feel them through your shoes. Something else to research now πŸ™‚

  • There is always something new to research and learn in this running lark, if you are so inclined πŸ€“

  • I love the fact you used the words "hilly" and "nice" in the same sentence 😯

  • And cemetery. Don't forget the cemetery. I think we are spoilt around here.

  • Oh yes, can't forget about the cemetery. Seems to be a thing with Decker. Maybe we should bring some garlic around here 😱

  • Lol. If you can supply the beverages I’ll be right over πŸ·πŸ‘»

  • At least the cemetery isn’t hilly too! That would be just perfect πŸ™„

  • Haha! Only because I’ve not had to run up those hills yet 😊

  • Great pikkie again!

    Go you! In or ran! Ice is a no-no for me... I had a Bambi incident!

  • Another lovely post Floss. That was a really close call! Exactly my fear. I took a great spill on the ice rushing to work many years ago, but I still remember the painful landing😊 Strange that that should be your first encounter with the Stamina podcast you grew to love!

  • Indeed... :) If it is icy now.. I use my cross trainer... indoors!

  • Good call! I suspect I will be using the track more than a few times this season too 😊

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