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Trowse 10k, there is only one word- HILLS!

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Yesterday I took part in the Trowse 10k in Norwich having signed up in the euphoria of completing Run Norwich in August. This was to be my second 10k goal.

I only started running earlier this year following C25K and therefore haven't experienced running in the winter months and have at times found it hard to motivate myself to go out - this run has given me that focus needed.

several friends who have run Trowse before tried to warn me it was a difficult course with a dreaded hill but I entered anyway. Only last week did the fear enter when I decided to look at last years results and realised I was likely to finish in the bottom 10!

After giving myself a good talking too, I decided I wasn't competing against anyone else and should just go.

So off I went. It was windy and quite cold running along the broad but thankfully the rain held off and the route took us up through the village to what I thought was the hill. As I reached the summit, a left hand bend and on it went !! It seemed to go on forever and at this point (about 3k), a stitch kicked in.

Running down hill should've been a relief but it was all I could do to cope with the stitch, that didn't leave me until the 7k mark, just as I was about to the run the hill AGAIN! At this point I should admit that I had to walk for 2 minutes as I was running on empty.

As I descended down the hill for the second time, I got chatting to another runner. Believe me, this was quite an accomplishment at this point! We found out we had children in the same school and she had been running for years. She said she would run the rest with me as she could see I was struggling and all of a sudden my pace picked up and I started to enjoy the last couple of kilometres.

I finished in the bottom 15 with a time of 1hr 12m 12s but felt like I had won gold. I beat my Run Norwich time by 40 seconds. But when I got home and reflected on the run, the thing that I felt most grateful for was the encouragement given by marshalls, spectators and the lady who gave up her own result to help me along the last 2k.

So I haven't been put off ! Wymondham News Years 10k, I have my sights on you............

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Well done - I happen to think that's a pretty good time! As a fellow newbie to running, you perfectly reflect upon what has amazed me the most - the camaraderie and inclusiveness of the sport. I am a slow runner and it always amazes me that people are happy to slow to my pace in order to keep me going. Well done - a 10k is my next goal and I think you've done really well!

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Well done! Folks are really kind and supportive aren't they 😃

Hills are dratted nuisances, But you can walk them have to walk them when they're very steep, or you flag. Helps preserve energy 👍😃🏅

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Well done and what a lovely run report! The running community is definately a really supportive one as you are discovering. Good luck with the next one!🙂

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Aren't runners nice people.

I love hills but loathe run the same hill twice is just lacking imagination on the organiser's behalf.....

Well done.

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Lovely race report, well done you! It's wonderful to hear the positivism, and that helpful lady, wow, she sounds brilliant too. You've done really great, congratulations!

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Well done for getting round with such a great time. Brilliant achievement to beat your Run Norwich time, and with twice as many hills!

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