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Hi everyone I was just wondering if anyone else has a problem with running tops riding up. I completed my couch to 5k back in August and I was running in a mountain warehouse walking top which was great. As I am still running every couple of day I brought myself a Nike running top which fits lovely even covers my bum until I start running then it just rides up so annoying any suggestion or recommendations for tips that don't do it as I want to invest in a long sleeved but can't be doing with sorting it out every 30 seconds

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  • This happens to me with one top only and that's because it's too short! It could be the combination of fabrics between your top and whatever you're wearing on your legs. Are your shorts/leggings proper running gear? But I have no other idea what could cause this.

    Hopefully someone else can help.

  • The other thing I've just thought of is my only top that rides up is too tight across the chest and maybe this rather than the length is causing it to move! So maybe check your sizing. Needless to say I don't wear said top any more 🙂

  • I agree Your Maj. Ive had this problem if the top is a bit snug .

  • I have one top that does this and I think it is because it is slightly snug. It was fine and I haven't filled out rather multiple washes means it has lost its stretch. Must be an excuse for a new one!

  • I have a small Nike vest top that rides up as it's on the small side but I find after a couple of miles and sweat it just sticks to me so it's all good!!! Perhaps get a loose one, although watch out for chaffing. 😎

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