Women's running tops - yuk!

I struggle to find tops I like. I have a couple of C25K ones which are good and a black Sports Direct top which fits well and as it is short sleeved, great for summer running. I don't want to look like a fluorescent pink and bright orange object plodding through town. Really like something a little more subtle - if I need to be seen in the dark, I will wear a high vis vest on top of my shirt. Maybe something in blue, purple or even grey would do nicely.

I can't see anything tempting anywhere. Is it just me or do other ladies struggle?

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  • Can't say I've found this Joolie as my drawer will suggest! One of the best shaped tops I bought was a tennis top. A friend who runs and plays tennis suggested it and I must say it feels fab when running and looks nicer than a lot of the running tops. Don't look at just running stuff as there is more variety in other sportswear sometimes.

    Also, TKMaxx are good for running tops.

  • Thanks for the tip, I will shop around!

  • Try looking at cycling gear (there's a thread started by Miss Wobble on the marathon site). Decathlon usually has good priced pieces. I have road bike tops which are very close fitting and mountain biking tops which are looser. The mb ones tend to be darker colours - but both types also have pockets, some zipped and some open at the top which is a boon for tissue/snack etc carrying.

  • Well my favourite running top is fluorescent yellow and I love a bit of purple too, so am maybe not the best to advise but have you tried looking at men's running tops? I could easily wear my teenage son's tops (not that they would let me!!). Just a thought as the colours may be more to your liking.☺

  • Thanks Samdra. I have a couple of bright fluorescent pink tops but that is more than enough to wear for dark nights! Good idea. I think I will go and try some on. I am looking every time I see a runner right now to pick up some style tips!!

  • For summer I have a plain pale blue one and 2 plain light green tops. They were cheap and cheerful and are holding up well but you can't get them in the UK. i do have bright stuff too though. Dors it have to be women's running gear? If you are not too petite for it, try men's maybe.

  • I've had difficulties too, why do they all have to have binding around the arm holes? It rubs my inner arms sore...vaseline doesn't help..

  • I have just got a grey running top from TK Maxx which I like, though going in there is always a bit of a risk!

    M&S have some nice running gear, but I've been most impressed with Sainsbury's! If there's a big Sainsbury's store with clothing near you take a look. There are some nice things there. Hope you find what you need :)

  • I've a white vest I got from Lidl which has a huge picture of a skull with a rose in its teeth and the word ROCK emblazoned underneath in gothic lettering. It looks pretty stupid but it's certainly comfortable, and I have to wear next to nothing in this weather :)

  • I've got loads. No problem finding them. I wish I could stop finding them! Lidl, Tesco, Aldi, SportsDirect, Start Fitness. You could have a look at Sweaty Betty, Lulumon, Primark. H & M online have some nice stuff too

  • I need to explore!

  • Oh dear 😊

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