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Bridge to 10K
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First trail 10k in november!!

The Dalby Dash is its name and im told the first 3k or so are up hill then all down hill pretty fast. Now im not gonna go for any times but i always expect to finish anywhere between 50mins to an hour depending on the run. im still a newbie runner only starting in march. c25k done, several parkruns and a couple of other races including the middlesbrough 10k. Ive got about 6 weeks or so to go and looking for some advice on a basic training plan that will work around parkrun. im looking to stick to three runs a week(maybe 4 if i have to) i had a slow 10k today that involved some small hills, multi surface, woods etc. i guess thats a good start right? :D


oh and i forgot im doing go sober for october again so that should help a lot as im a binge drinker on weekends haha. gosober.org.uk/users/david-...

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Sounds exciting! I'm interested to hear how the uphill battle goes - I dread hills of any kind!

PS - does going sober have a big effect on your run? If so, maybe I'll consider giving up wine for a month to see if that improves performance....

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i believe so. i usually have a drink every friday without fail then do parkrun the saturday morning. its not pretty XD


You are doing great Dave, and good to hear from you!

Remember the slow and steady advice, keep stretching and enjoy!


Yay! That will be good ๐Ÿ™‚ You might need to walk up some of the first hill but most of the other runners will so you'll all be in it together ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Practice hills in training! Nice and slowly, climb your way up. You'll be surprised how it helps with your fitness and it tones up your middle ๐Ÿ‘โœ”๏ธ


basically so yea ive looked at the graph and the elevation starts at 103 metres and at 3k its about 328metres. is that bad? lol then its all downwards from there.


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