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Dynamic core week 5

Dynamic core week 5

Week 5 of dynamic core.. I've picked this one because I have found a really good videos on form to go with it and it shows the different stages on how to do them. The two videos i have put up have some really good advice. If you don't feel quite ready for single leg squats please feel free to carry on with some two leg squats, which ever is best for yourself. I'm thinking three times a week for 1-2 mins. At class we did 1 min each leg. If I remember they started us on 45 seconds for the first session. Try adding in last weeks as well if you feel you can do that.

I am attaching

a photo from the booklet

A link to the booklet

A link to a you tube video to help with form.


Have fun and don't forget to let us all know how your getting on this week

Next week we will add another exercise in.

Happy healthy week to you all.

Ps, don't forget, don't do anything that is painful and look after your self, normal precaution with exercise apply.

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