My Dynamic core workout and copyright issues

Does anyone know is there is any copyright issues on NHS physio programs. I was wondering if I could put a weekly picture up with the description from my dynamic core class to share with everyone. I thought we could maybe do one a week. These exercises are to help build the core after injury or to strengthen the muscles.

What do you think, do you think the NHS would mind sharing , it is from Guys hospital, most of them don't need any equipment and In The long run hopefully we would be keeping injury free by getting stronger, therefore saving them money 😀. It would have to come with the usual advice of doing it at your own risk sort of thing, take doctors advice if you feel any pain, but on this forum we tend to of learnt a bit about doing things the right way, so I would just put a disclaimer up but I think we would benefit from an advanced NHS Stregnth workout.

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  • Woohooo had a little internet search and the booklet is in the public domain so we can do it. Here is the link. What do you think? Who would be up for one exercise a week, building up to a full session.

  • I'm up for it :) I was going to say they seem to put physio exercises online anyway - e.g. I use this for my back

  • I was about to say is it already in the public domain..... but you have answered your own question.

    Trusts often take elements from a common framework of evidence based information and just make it 'look like' their own😀

  • Ps if you always reference your source you shouldnt have any problems 👍🏼

  • Yep.. I'm in :-)

  • Sounds like a brilliant idea. I know I need to work on my core strength but somehow never get round to it. Probably afraid to find out how bad I am😥 But in bite-size pieces it might be manageable and it's done you good!

  • Brilliant we will start Monday, I will pick one that doesn't need any equipment. 😀

  • Count me in too

  • For once this curmudgeon might join in............I only said might.

  • Looking forward to Monday (that will be a first)

    Thank you RFC

  • Count me in please.... I need all my strength for acting as a carer for small runner in training, for two days a week come October!!!

  • Count me in. I am really undisciplined about doing core exercises. Doing it with others 'watching' will help.

  • Count me in too. Thanks

  • I work in the NHS, I'd say yes!!!

  • Woohoo, roll on tomorrow. 😁

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