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Had a lovely run this morning, with a few obstacles to contend, but all was going well until some sneaky gremlin decide to ever so slightly loosen my laces. Although my socks weren't exactly slipping down I became a aware of an faintly uncomfortable feeling on my feet which grew in intensity, and then I realised my socks were rubbing and I was developing a blister or two. Wanting carry on to 10k as I'm getting ready for my Race for Life 10k in 2 and a 1/2 weeks, I tried to tighten my laces and ran on. I've now got an interesting blister on the instep of both feet.

These are the first blisters I've had since taking the C25K challenge last July, and I don't really know what to do with them. I don't want to have more than one rest day before my next run, as I need to keep on schedule with my training. If anyone has any hints or tips for coping with them, or making them reduce, please let me know.

My daughter's response, when I took my shoes off and moaned was, "Well you're a professional runner now Mum!" I'd rather be a blister free amateur I think.;-)

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I'm currently nursing a blister on my heel -- NOT due to running -- but sore nonetheless. I'm using 'cushioned plasters' from B**ts. They help quite a bit. Good luck for your 10k!


Blister plasters are your friend! I can't remember off the top of my head which ones are soft right to the very edge, but I know there are some. You'd probably be better off with the largest size.

My new socks developed a hole on my run on Monday and I now have a really sore big toe :(


My violin teacher always used to say that to prevent blisters on my fingers i should dip them in surgical spirit to harden the skin.

I keep meaning to do it to my feet as I constantly have blisters on my instep / arch and no socks / shoe changes / blister plasters etc seems to stop them forming. But although they're there and a bit sore initially I forget them pretty quick and hence no surgical spirit yet.

Do others think it would work or do I just need to carry on ignoring them?


I used to use surgical spirit on my toes when I was doing pointe work in ballet (as a child).


When it comes to blisters when playing a musical instrument it always (always) comes down to practicing more in order to get rid of them. Running is different though. You change your shoes or improve your insoles when tackling the blisters. You listen to your precious feet first 😎


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