Sabotaged by a blister

I'm in two minds about what to do. On Wednesday after my run I realised I had developed a blister on each of my insteps (note to self- synthetic socks and tighter trainers. ) I thought I'd got them sorted with blister plasters, and as they weren't painful yesterday, went for a shorter run with intervals. In the afternoon had to go shopping for daughter's 21st birthday present, then in the evening went to her friend's 21st birthday party.

Today the right foot looks and feels fine. The left was irritating last night and this morning part of the plaster has lifted, but the rest is stuck to the skin above the blister and the edge of this skin is coming away from the blister and looks raw underneath.

I'm not sure what to do. 😫

I signed up for a 10k race which is in two weeks, so I really don't want to have to take a break from running. Also not sure what to do for the best in treating the blister.

Feeling sorry for myself. 😢

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  • Would love to be able to offer advice but sorry - I don't know. I'm sure more knowledgeable and wiser people will post with help

  • Apart from Epsom salts in bath or foot soak I keep covered with plaster when wearing shoes. Smear of Vaseline is good when no shoes on. I don't pick at all. Just leave em be

  • Thanks. I think I'll have to leave the attached bit of blister plaster on the blister and just trim off the flapping bits.

  • Can you speak the plaster off the blister? Sounds sore.

  • No, I can't peel it off - it is stuck fast.

  • Oh that is not good 🤔

  • I always use savlon on blisters , massage in well

  • It will soak off in the bath. Dry it carefully and then you can let the air at it until you need to wear shoes. Then a smear of Vaseline. Before you run apply fresh plaster. They normally clear up quick but can be ever so blummin painful without protection from a plaster. I use Co-0p own brand as they are fine and lay nice and flat, and stay put.

  • I have a blister after my 7 mile run on Thursday and I was wearing my hilly twin skin anti blister socks 😡This is my first ever blister on the end of my toe. I guess running will be with a plaster on it for Monday as it is still there. I feel your pain but it should be gone by your 10k and hopefully you won't have to sacrifice too many training miles.

  • My running buddy who is a podiatrist told me to put surgical spirit on my toe last week after I rubbed the skin off it when one of my (brand new) socks got a hole in it. I'm guessing a blister might do okay with the same treatment?

  • This is a longer term treatment to harden your skin. My gymnast daughter used to use it on her hands (as do most gymnasts), for work on the parallel bars .

  • I used to use it as a child to harden my toes when I was doing pointe work in ballet. I don't think I'll be putting it on my blister though as there is open skin and I think it would sting like crazy.

  • It did sting, but not as badly as I thought it would. And I wouldn't have done it if she hadn't suggested it.

    I seemed to think using it was something to do with skin hardening...

  • Ouchie!!!! I have no advice.. but some of the tips from those who know, seem really useful!

    It will sort I am sure:)

  • I get these exact same blisters. misswobble has given you the right advice. Long bath soak will ease the plaster off. Add salt to the bath e.g. dead sea salts/epsom salts. In fact I swear by hot salt water - you could just do a foot soak in very warm salt water. Then stock up on vaseline, it will become your best friend for all future long runs. Your popped blister sounds particularly painful - so leave it to heal a few days - but when you start to run again slather both your inner arches with vaseline. Double layer socks will help too :)

  • Thank you so much for the advice. So the only running I'll be doing today will be running the bath 🛀🏼. 🤓

  • Yes a couple of days off running won't cost you much. And you've now learned how to prevent any further blisters on the big day :) Enjoy that bath :)

  • Oh no!

    Other people have given better advice than I could about the blister, so what I will say is, a training plan would have you easing off in the week before your 10K so having a couple of lighter days this week instead probably won't do any harm.

  • Yep, taker week before the race !

  • Thanks for all your advice. I went to the gym this morning, and then for a swim, and the attached piece of blister plaster came off revealing a rather sore looking blister. I've just had a gauze bandage round it today so that it could get some air while I was doing some gardening, but will put another blister plaster on it tonight.

    It's still painful so having another rest day tomorrow probably, then will get back into my running on Tuesday I hope (in my new running socks, with vaseline etc). Only two weeks today until the Race for Life 10K... (it's not really a race).

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