Just completed the Couch to 5K Challenge...Next?

Just completed the Couch to 5K Challenge...Next?

A mom of two who works from home, so I definitely must get off my butt more to keep my metabolism higher and fit back in my size 10/58kg body mass. I love pies, and chocolate...I am also a Social Media Manager and Pinterest Expert and account manager, so I can and do help small business owners use pinterest fro more brand visibility and increased customer base. I am a Speaker. Coach. Author. Entrepreneur.

Right now its working. I am fitter, more nimble and run 5km in 30 mins...I am looking for that next challenge...and to loose those spare tires for sure :) I celebrate the completion of the 9 weeks run. I didnt think I could, now to the next challenge... How DO I Keep Up the good work? HELP!

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  • You definitely need a goal. I completed about 5 years ago and then didn't really have a plan so it was really hit and miss after that. I then signed up for a 10k this year and gave myself 5 months to train. The longer distances are great for toning!

  • Thanks for the tips, Let me get into my man cave and draft a plan :)

  • Posted this in C25K....:)

    Well done you...now you need lots of consolidation on those 30 minute runs... our running legs need time to grow as one of our most awesome runners on here will tell you!

    The 30 minute runs, short runs, long runs and then, maybe check out the C25K+ podcasts they are great for the disciplines within our running ! There are Stepping Stones, Speed and Stamina...:)

    Then after that... lots of new things to try...intervals and strides, etc and when you have built up a bit more there are loads of Bridge to 10K programmes for you to try out:)

  • consolidate 5k ( commit to 3 runs a week whenever possible) and then start running further or quicker, whichever appeals :) some people are goal orientated (not me!) and if that is you, find a post 5k programme to follow.

    Most of all I would say ENJOY your running :)

  • I love this , go further or faster, Depending on the mood...Yess please!

  • Like Oldfloss said, you need to consolidate those 30 minute runs before venturing to other challenges. Good luck.

  • I find this forum very motivating, reading about other folk's successes and achievements spurs me on. I also enjoy the challenge of a race/event. Charity fun run or official timed race doesn't matter, gives me a focus. I also like Couch25k+ podcasts. By the way.....5k in 30 minutes is just FANTASTIC!

  • Wow thank you so much Skysue. I felt like I had won the lotto, well after I got my breath and legs back :) Then I decided to go for 7k this weekend...errrr legless hello! :)

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