The Relocation Quest week 1 - Feel free to join

Hi there and welcome to the new Quest in its new home. I hope you haven't felt too lost over the last few weeks. It is back to normality now. The only difference is that the quest will end on the 31st October and a new one will start on th 1st November. This is mainly for the admins as it makes our scheduling a lot simpler, so I hope that doesn't disrupt your structure too much. Other than that it is business as usual 😀.

What the quest is:-

The quest takes one month . You can join any time within those weeks.

The main aim of the quest is to help you find a focus or goal that you would like to achieve by the end of the Quest period.

I ask that you will be a graduate to join the quest. The main reason I ask this is that while you are doing the program your plan is very structured so I wouldn't want the quest to interfere with that.

Most popular goals are:-

To run three times a week

To slowly increase distance

To train for a specific race

To add In Stretch and strength exercises

As you can see they are personal to yourself and it's totally your own choice.

Every week I will pin a new post where all the members of the quest can talk about how things are going.

So if you wanted to join all you have to do is put

I would like to join the quest, or count me in and then I would like to. ..............

Your name will then be added to the top post and every week your name will be in the quest until the end.

At the end there will be a certified cate you can download to keep.

Wishing you a happy healthy week

Realfoodieclub, Ju-Ju and Oldfloss











Google me








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  • I'm in, I am struggling a bit with running and getting back to it properly as my body seems to be fighting it with everything it has. My swimming and walking are going great, core, well, I think that will always be a love /hate. I am really missing my energy for running but have been assured it will just be time I need to get back to it properly.

  • Perhaps the issue is with your definition of 'properly' - you might need a new one that better coincides with what will be enjoyable for you as you are now?

  • You are so right, I have been trying to run constantly and my body hates it, I have set my watches back to run/walk as it is just less taxing on my whole system and more enjoyable. I am hoping that will help with my energy. 😀

  • I'm in please!

    Over the summer we have been away quite a lot, mainly very hot and sunny (no complaints). So I have just aimed to maintain 3 x 30 mins a week whenever I could.

    My quest is to begin slowly increasing again.

    Also I want to get back to my yoga/Pilates, at least once a week this month.

    Good luck everyone 😃🏃🏼‍♀️

  • Welcome onboard, your name has been added. That sounds like a plan to me Jacs. Let me know if you find any tips for being good with the yoga and Pilates, I'm still struggling with the love here. 😀.

  • I found doing them first thing in the morning worked best for me 😀

  • I keep thinking I should try that. I might try and find some time this week.

  • Me too. Loo, weigh, yoga (I do have a fairly spacious bathroom) It's only 10 minutes. I was consistent for 4 years and then Google's hip issues meant I was dashing downstairs with her first thing and it all fell apart and I am struggling to get back.

  • We three can do this! It was GoogleMe who gave me pointers to find Ekhart yoga on Youtube! I think if I aim for once a week im likely going to move to more often quite quickly! Thats the plan anyway 👍🏼

  • I think the responsibility to my team will really help with my yoga goal, so thank you both Millsie-J and Realfoodieclub.

  • Hi Rfc, please add me in.

    I am starting the plan you, Poppy and Ju-ju devised eight months ago to get to 10k over 6 weeks ( hopefully). I wasn't ready before..but now...I think I'm ready😆.

    Starting tomorrow...

  • Welcome onboard, your name has been added. I'm sure you are ready. You have just reminded me, I was cleaning up the pinned posts this week and wk 4 is missing so I will go and find it and pin it for you, so it is ready for you. Good luck with your week.

  • Oooh! What is that plan?

  • Hi Suzy, its a plan called c25k to 10k run by ju-ju at the beginning of this year. All of the plan is listed on the Pinned posts on this B210k site.

    This is week 1..

  • Thanks! :-)

  • I'm in. For me, October is going to be all about the strength training. *squats* See? I'm doing it, I'm doing it...!

  • Welcome onboard, your name has been added. Ahhhh squats, my non favourite. I have been persevering with single legged ones 😱

  • I know I need to do them. I know why I need to do them. I know I benefit from doing them. But do I do them?!

    So I'm turning over a new leaf - one legged, two legged, it's all about the squat! 😬😬😬

  • I would like to be in please. Right now I am in the later stages of training for 10k. My goal would be to run 10k consistently and eventually do a race. Its going to take some time, but that's ok 👌

  • Welcome onboard, your name has been added. Time is great for training, best thing is not to rush it.

  • I'm in! After a few weeks of consolidation, I'm ready to start building toward 10k.

  • Welcome onboard, your name has been added. Remember slow and steady, it is even more important now you move up to 10km. 😀

  • Have you started yet SaskAlliecat...I have done my first and Oldfloss is starting tomorrow?

  • I did 🙂. I did a 5.5k run on Sunday. There were wind gusts over 45kph and I live on a hill so went to the adjacent neighbourhood with lower elevation and curvy roads which allowed me to avoid as much head on winds as possible. It's been rain/snow mix and winds between 50-70kph ever since so haven't been able to start the second week. Planning on starting week 2 tomorrow if Mother Nature cooperates, I'd hate to resort to the treadmill 😖

  • Do you think the order of the runs matter? I'm supposed to start week 2 this week; I normally would save the long run for the weekend but I'm on call this weekend and may struggle with finding time for it. I thought I would save the 3k run for the weekend and do the 5k run on Wednesday and 6k run on Friday.

  • Ooh you are ahead of us, but bad weather holding you up. Treadmill will be tough for these longer runs...

    Yes its Ju-ju's plan but I think any order is fine.

    Good luck getting it done sounds like you are a busy lady😊xx

  • Haha, ya. Running helps with my mental wellbeing so I try to make it happen. Unfortunately sometimes my job prevents that so I'll take it one day and one run at a time 🙂

  • Think I should be in this month RFC. 🙂 Having had a lot of time on the injury couch over the summer, I am now back running 2-3 times a week. Have not run further than 6K since injury but my goal for October is to hopefully build up to a weekly long run of 10k along with 2x5ks. Left leg 'almost' back to normal (just a little weaker than my right) and currently building up meds to treat an underactive thyroid, I hope to continue progressing to get back to where I was. Hope to run a local 10k race in November.🙂

  • Welcome onboard, your name has been added. Great to hear you are back in th saddle. Thyroxine will help with your running long term. Take care.

  • Hi I’ve not long graduated from C25k and have agreed to run a 10k race in December with my younger sister to raise money for the ms society in memory of our big sister. So my aim is to continue to run 3 times a week with one longer run to expand my distance and 2 shorter ones.

  • Welcome onboard, your name has been added. Sounds like a great plan to up your distances. Good luck with your week.

  • Hi Rfc, I'm in please!

    I have an event next week and I hope to get in some running tourism during this Quest, but the main thing is that I hope to get my shoulder sorted out. It is still painful and I can't swim or do anything in the way of upper body strength work (which I need!) and it limits the amount of core work I can do as well. Once that is sorted, or at least I know what the problem is, then I can work out a plan. I like plans!

  • Welcome onboard, your name has been added. Enjoy your event next week and I hope you find a resolution to your shoulder problems soon. Take care Rfc x.

  • I'm in please. But where to start?! The new framework aligns very nicely with the monthly goals I set for myself otherwise but I don't think you really need to know about my "Sort one crate of paper" goals (especially as month after month goes by with "NO" recorded against that one when I review the month)

    The runs seem to be taking reasonably good care of themselves really in a low key sort of way but I do have some running specific goals:

    1) 1 minute+ per run at peak heart rate (mainly 'cos the dog loves it and goes wild when I speed up)

    2) At least one trail/canal run of 7k+ I've not done much of this since Google's diagnosis but she has a new harness arriving later this week and I really think we are avoiding it unnecessarily.

    To support that:

    3) Let's see how I can do on daily yoga

    4) Swimming - way out of the habit. In theory I should be able to do 3k over the month

    5) Getting on the bike

  • Welcome onboard, your name has been added. You look like you have very rounded up goals there. I am sure google will enjoy them too.

  • I'm definitely in. I got out of the habit of signing up for the Quests through the summer and that was a Bad Thing as my running and other stuff also went to pieces. To give myself some focus I've made myself a myAsics plan to get back to HM distance - I didn't give it a target date, and it spat out Christmas Eve, which I actually quite like the idea of. So anyway, 3 runs a week for now.

    EDIT: I had originally included 1 swim a week for cross training, but having put my kit in the car today I discovered that the opening hours of my local pool have changed and don't work for me for now. So dropping that goal for the moment until I find a better plan.

  • Welcome onboard, your name has been added. Hehe just think how much guilt free food you could have on Christmas Day if you do a HM the day before. 😀

  • Yes ! Will likely do it the day before (Saturday is my long run day) Unless I keep it for Boxing Day or something. But anyway I like the idea of doing a nice long celebratory run over the holiday period.

  • Count me in please?

    I am already training for the Beachy Head 10K at the end of this month, but I’m finding the training plan I’m using is becoming a bit of a chore - I don’t want to change it though, not this close to the event.

  • Welcome onboard, your name has been added. 10k at beachy head sounds fun, when I feel like that with my HM training I treat myself to an anything goes run, it breaks everything up just to have a fun run sometimes.

  • If I can fit one of those in round the new foster dog I will (he’s an elderly Terrier so I’m having to plan my last few weeks of training round him 🐶)

  • I'm in too please. I'm in consolidation phase before pushing for 10K and am aiming for 3 runs per week + yoga in between. My October plan is one long weekend run (parkrun when possible), one session with running club beginners group, and one 'homework' run. I've started a weekly yoga class and am going to check out the Ekhart yoga mentioned above.

  • Welcome onboard, your name has been added. Sounds like, you have a well structured plan there.

  • Add me to the list please. Graduated a few weeks ago from C25K so I am in consolidation mode. plan is to continue to run 3 times a week, 2 x 30 mins plus 1 x 5k in whatever time feels comfortable. Then planning to assess how I feel at the end of the month and plan next goal from there.

  • Welcome onboard, your name has been added. Sounds like a great idea. Good luck with your week.

  • See my reply above to Suzy kk

    The plan is on this B210k site in the Pinned posts at the bottom or side of this page.

    Week 1

  • Hello Realfoodieclub , please add me in.

    I am going to follow the plan put together a while ago ago to get to 10K in 6 weeks.. ( again) and hopefully). (Same one as Jan-now-runs .....)

    As I am still getting back on form after my calf tear, I need to continue to build up slowly and would like to get to 10K safely.

    I shall start Wednesday!

    I shall continue with my core strength exercise and walking expeditions with small runner in training!

  • Welcome onboard, your name has been added. As the queen of the slow and steady mantra you should get to your goal safely with no problems, take it nice and easy.

  • Ha...the Quest is on Floss.

    We will meet this 10k challenge..

    I think we have another team member in SaskAlliecat (sorry my tagging doesn't work)..

    Good luck on Wednesday with R1 of your challenge.😊x

    I did R1 on Monday and chose the 2.5k little number...

    A short run only 22 mins done in pale sunshine. I am finding the there and back again route works for me...rather than trying to do a circuit. I pick a flat route and turn at the halfway point...sounds boring I hear you say...BUT no, the return run is always run freely and with absolute confidence and feels easy and I get it done without any doubts..

    R2 on Wednesday will be 5k.

  • @Oldfloss - Could you share that programme, would be interested to see it for later once I've got my month of consolidation completed.

  • Please count me in too - was motoring on nicely with consolation, 3 runs a week, but a nasty cold has had me off for a week+ & am feeling "out of it"... went out on Monday & was awful... maybe too soon. Want to start increasing my distances add would like to do 5-10K, 3 times a week.

    Oldfloss & @Jan-now-runs, are you talking about Sammi runs or is there another program too?

  • Not sure why @Jan-now-runs didn't work...

  • Welcome onboard, your name has been added. Take it easy after your cold.

  • See my reply to you above.

    Week 1

  • Thanks Jan-now-runs , I did follow the link & hope to start that soon. Trying to get rid of a cold, which has now become a chesty cough, first...

  • Can you add me in too please? I'm still consolidating running for 30 mins. I want to try and regularly run 3 times a week but have not been very successful so far - you know, life gets in the way sometimes! I do a yoga and Pilates class every week but I would really like to pluck up the courage to do a parkrun. So, two things for me this month - run 3 times a week and take part in a parkrun

  • Welcome onboard, your name has been added. Get that barcode printed off ready for when the urge grabs you. 😀Good luck with your week.

  • Thank you!

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