Asics #2 for me too mixed

Just got back from my 2nd run on the asics 10k plan,  my first run was 3 miles  today's was 5 miles! No chance of doing the 16:35min per mile unless I walked backwards,  I did it at a slow 12min mile. But pulled my nicely healed calf near the end so although I'm pleased that I did the distance I'm disappointed that I'm injured again. It can't be right going straight from 5k to 8k😧😧

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  • Dunno if the plan is good or not but you need to ease back into it after injury Paul. Make a more gradual climb to 5 miles checking how your calf reacts and if all is ok, get back on the plan?

  • Too much too soon Paul...

  • My plan is pretty much like that too. I'm doing 5.6km three times this week, then next week it jumps to 8k. Still, all I can do is give it a go and see what happens.

    As for your injury - the others are right - if you've been injured you need to ease back into it and take it very slowly and gently and keep the distances short. The 10k plan will always wait.

  • Good advice, I should know better but like a lot of us I lack patience, but I just watched Eddie the Eagle at the cinema and wow! Talk about pushing yourself! Go see it it brill

  • Sorry to hear that Paul. Just ignore the big increases and take them gradually. You'll soon catch up on the plan.

  • Did you ask for the hard or intermediate plan?  If you ask for the easy plan, say based on 3 runs a week, you might not get the leaps in distance so early on.  I have a new asics plan and it's the same distance runs for the first TEN runs. No leaps at all.  

  • Yes it's the easy 3 run plan,  strange

  • What an odd plan... And that pace is slower than a walk? Very strange... And rest up that calf.... Take care 😎

  • Hmmmmmm.  Did you input a short lead in to the race date?  I can only imagine it could be that you've not much time before race day, and that you're very young.

    My race is not til 3rd July so I have ages to go. Maybe that's why I have so many 8's on the trot

  • Oh miss wobble,  that's sweet,  I'm hardly young 47, haha.  I didn't put in any race date,  just a simple 10k plan on easy  3 days a week and this is what it came up with

  • I suspect you and I got the same plan from Asics, Paul. I must have put in similar responses to you because I remember looking at the plan and deciding it was a recipe for injury. I think I got it to look a bit more reasonable by pretending my 5k pace was slower than it is but, in the end, I decided the Slow_Rob method of getting to 10k was a better bet for me. Hope you calf feels better very soon. 😀

  • Yes, mine was like that too, I quickly abandoned it. I got 3 weeks of 3.5 KM at 9.45 per KM, thena couple of 5 KMs, then a jump to 7 KM which I hadn't done at that time then 9 KM!

    I wonder if these are plans to get people up to speed for a race rather than getting to the distance in the first place....I just increased my distance a little bit at a time as I felt up for it, I got to 10 KM in around the same time as the plan would have got me there, and far more safely...

  • I'm going to abandon it too and follow a Hal Higdon 8k running plan which looks much better,  but I'm going to keep putting the stats into my asics to see what happens. 

  • 5 to 8k sounds like a large jump.  I usually add about 1k to my long run a week and even with that I ensure there are easy weeks.  Better to take your time than risk injury I think.  

  • I've been away so I've only just seen this.  This is exactly what I was whingeing about with my Asics plan.  Because I was already running around 7.5k I thought I was probably okay doing the 8k, but the s-l-o-w-n-e-s-s- was weird, and the whole thing is a bit odd.  I went for 2 runs a week, race on May 1st, 5k time at around 35 minutes and it has come up with more or less the same as your plan, by the sound of it.  Good luck with the HH plan.  I shall follow your progress with interest!

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