New asics and gait

New asics and gait

So I'm just getting off the injury couch after 8 days,  kept pulling my right calf and so my knees hurt,  I went to sweatshop Ipswich yesterday and had a gait analysis,   it was really good.  I was a bit apprehensive thinking it would turn into a sales pitch for expensive shoes but that was not the case.  The young lady knew her stuff and after finding out my right foot pronates slightly and I heel strike,  she showed me lots of different shoes and I tried them on the treadmill both with thermal moulded inners and without. 

I settled on the asics GT2000,  they are super comfy and  super bouncy to stop me jarring my knees. I'm trying them tonight 😀

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  • Gorgeous pair, and I hope they serve you well 👣👟👠

  • Very smart - I love my Asics☺! Hope they help with your calf.

  • Me too,  I've seen so many positive things here about asics

  • I found  Sweatshop very helpful too. Hope they sort out your niggles..

  • Ooh they look fab!

  • Ttried them out tonight,  I was worried cos I've been on the IC for almost 2 weeks,  but i did a 4.5k and 2 pb's,  fastest 1k and fastest mile. Shoes were comfy and stopped knees hurting,  calf's were OK too

  • Great news Paul ! Your new shoes have given you wings :-) 

    Hope they sort all your niggles out . Happy running xxx

  • Thanks PP now going to Marshall at our greatrunlocal 5k with Buster helping

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