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Asics or bridge210k

hi will be starting my next journey in a few days and wanting to run 10 as will have finished c25k in a couple of days

have looked quickly at both of these programs and Asics seems to start off very slow (i did oppt for the easy option ) where as bridge too 10 k seems to start off quite hard with 4 x10 min runs

i,m not sure which to do i think i could handle either ( but only time will tell ) i have worked quite hard to finish c25k but i did it and have run a 5k in 35mins during week 8 the final run it was hard but with no after effects or pain .

the Asics program seems to me to ease off a little then build up where as the bridge 2 10 k builds from run 1

any advise would be a greate help

thanks brian

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I can't recommend Asics highly enough. I've been on this forum for 3 years and I've seen lots of people report picking up injuries using B210k because the running times ramp up so quickly. However, I've never seen anyone report an injury for that reason using an Asics Plan.

If you're just finishing c25k then you're still very new to running, so the usual advice is to spend a couple of weeks consolidating what you've achieved by running 3x 30minutes for a couple of weeks (I just ran the w9 podcast for a couple of weeks) After you've done that then, imo, your best bet is an Asics Plan. Good luck :)


thanks to be honest thats what i had in mind for a couple of weeks just to see how i go i know i can do the 5 k as just (2 mins ) finished week 9 run one did 3.2 miles in 35.4 mins i know i should not push to hard but up to now seems ok and when i get to 30 mins which i have done 3 time now i just ave to push a little to get the 3.1 miles

i do not intend to push any further for a few weeks

But was not sure how to progress from here

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runningnearbeirut is right, the Speed and Stamina podcasts are great and well worth using - actually I still use them every now and then. If you do decide to do an Asics Plan, then make sure you don't put your 5k PB in or you'll get a ridiculously hard plan. If you tell it you can only run for 20-30minutes you'll get a much more manageable and enjoyable plan that doesn't expose you to overuse injuries. Good luck :)


thanks AncientMum i'll give your and others advise some thought.

I think that increasing the time i can run for comfortably is my main goal which will in turn increase my distance and speed will come later as i get fitter and can then gradually go faster as well


Consolidating for a few weeks is the best way forward for now. I did about 3 weeks of W9 because it was nice having Laura telling me how well I was doing. Then I discovered the stepping stones, stamina and speed podcasts. I really recommend them - especially stamina and speed. Speed is still my go to run when I want a quick intervals run.

I did the B210K system and found it took a lot of time as every run extends by the same amount, much like C25K.

I've also done my own thing when working back up to 10k - basically one stamina run, one speed run and one run getting a little longer each week.

The Asics plan does seem good though. You've got time to make a decision.


Personally, I look at ASICS 10K plans as being for people who can already run 10K. They are more attuned to completing a 10K race in a certain time. Over the past few years, some people (including me) have had trouble with B210K - but it doesn't really make sense as to why this has been so. IF you can run for 30 minutes non-stop (easily) , then surely you can run for 10 minutes four times over with a rest inbetween. I suspect that what we have done in B210K is to try to run too fast for those 10 minutes! Perhaps a bit too confident in our abilities after graduating C25K ?? :)


you are probably right i will not decide yet will have a couple of weeks running for 5k and see how i feel in 2 or three weeks time .

The problem with the ASICS is to me going back to intervals is not what i really want it may be good for me but it seems like stepping back .


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