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Look what I brought back from the UK!!

My GP has told me over the phone that it is a " displaced fracture of my 5th metarsal". I will be seeing him again tomorrow ( saw him yesterday and he referred me for an x-ray) . My limited understanding at this stage that fracture = broken, displaced = the two broken bits aren't aligned , metartasal = a bone in my foot --- and he was talking something about 8 weeks . He knows that I am keen to start running again - but he said no running or jumping until he sees me again. Strange thing is that I have been walking quite a lot since doing this over 2 weeks ago - and although still a bit sore it "feels" like it is improving. I WAS thinking of maybe trying a little bit of run/walk at parkrun on Saturday. But now, if they have to operate to align the bones and put a cast on me , I won't even be walking it!!!

Anyway, I have found some good Youtube videos of upper body workouts to be done using a chair, a dumbell (optional) and a broken foot. :) Tried a 30 minute one yesterday - could only do 15 minutes of it - quite hard!!!

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Oh that's bad luck! I'm not sure they cast these things ? Maybe not, in which case it might not be as bad as you think and a shorter time frame for taking up your running

Meanwhile keep your upper half fit. Keep smiling!


Oh dear! I must have missed one of your posts - what happened? Hope it improves soon.


Went for an early morning jog into the Wells Cathedral precinct - wasn't concentrating on where I was putting my feet ( lots to look at there!) - went to transition from footpath to road but didn't quite reach the road - reached the edge of the kerb instead and my foot went over taking me with it!! :(


Oww! 😒


My son had a Jones fracture of the 5th metatarsal a couple of years ago. He runs for Tipton Harriers so he was mortified when the fracture failed to heal. After around 9 months he was told it had healed sufficiently to begin some slow jogging. He was able to swim during his recovery once the cast had been removed. However, as his jogging built up, he caught a tree root and re-fractured itπŸ˜’ So he was back to square one! Now 2 years on, he is just about back to peak fitness, starting to run 15 minute 5K's!

I hope you recover soon, but take it slowly and carefully. There are lots of things you can do other than running just to keep your fitness up.

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Oh Dear Bazza, this is no good. At least you have the drive to keep fit, you are trying something else. How about "Ladyharvills" mention of swimming? This should keep your fitness going?


Oh no! Take care of yourself won't you?


Oh that's rotten Bazza. Best follow the doctors advice now, but hopefully it'll be weeks rather than longer.


Well it does explain the pain. Do hope you have a speedy recovery.

In the meantime, those exercises sound like they will do you a lot of good. If you can't complete them all yet, it gives you a whole load of targets to work towards, and then when you've got there I'm sure you'll be able to maintain that upper body strength and then develop it further from there (in the spirit of C25K leading to 10K or whatever).

Take care, and I hope the doc has some positive things to say tomorrow...


Oh no Bazza, hope it heals soon.


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