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Completed my first 10K

Hi All

Just wanted to share my good news. I completed C25K in February then sort of lost focus but started a 10km plan three weeks ago. I went out last night to do 6km but I felt pretty so I kept going. And going. After 70 minutes I looked and saw that I had done 10km!! I could hardly believe it but the GPS doesn't lie! So that is 5 weeks ahead of my plan. The time is pretty slow but I don't care! I can feel it this morning though. Might take the next couple of days off and ponder what to do next.

Have a great weekend everyone

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Massive congratulations, it's a great feeling. But I have to say: 70 mins is not slow; it took me 90 and over a year after I graduated.

Having said that, enjoy your day. I did it for the first time on Sunday and am still buzzing!


Congratulations on your 10k! \o/

Rest day then an easy run to loosen those legs, don't over do it mind!

Then look for a 10k event later in the year, say September and work towards that to keep you motivated.


That first 10 k is memorable. Well done..........Here comes the achieved it exceeding the generally recommended 10% rule and as you increase your distances and duration, your risk of injury also goes up. If you were new to running before you started C25K, I would urge caution. It takes time for your body to develop and sticking to training schedules that work within the 10% rule, even if of your own devising, will minimise the risk.

We all feel like superman until something gives up on us.........then we mostly feel foolish.

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Well done... that was not a slow speed. But, ( sorry) I do have to agree with IannodaTruffe ...we need to take care not to push too hard too soon.

I have just completed a 10K revisited plan and it was a six week run was Sunday last... I completed it in 76 minutes. I was very happy with that. I am older than you, but at any age the IC is not a great place to be.


Well done and keep the momentum going on...


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