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This morning was a struggle :(


I had a 7.2k run scheduled according to My Asics so I got up early and set off. It really didn't go well from the start. Even before 7am it was really hot and I forgot to take some water with me. That played on my mind the whole way round and meant I really found the mental side of it hard today. I ran a route I've done loads of times before, it's lovely, a mix of trail and road and I usually really enjoy it, but not today :( I stopped and walked 3 times which I wouldn't normally do. I got sunburned at the beach the day before so am probably feeling extra hot and uncomfortable because of that. I am now worried about Sunday's run as I'm meant to be doing 13.7k. I had to abort last Sunday's long run too and get my husband to come and pick me up so now I'm doubting whether I can do this at all (the half marathon I mean, not running in general). Sorry for the whinge, I know there are others out there pushing through all kinds of tough things, much worse than I have to put up with :(

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I'm guessing you might well have been dehydrated if you'd been in the sun getting sunburnt the day before a run.

Be kind to yourself, don't do yourself down. You got round, didn't you?

Bad runs are always better than no runs according to Laura, so you're doing better than me because I was too tired to bother to try to run yesterday and I have no idea where the time would have come from to fit it in if I'd wanted to!

Try to eat/hydrate sensibly on Saturday and don't worry about Sunday. I think you'll be fine.

loisameliaGraduate10 in reply to runningnearbeirut

Thank you, you are probably right about dehydration as I have had a killer headache all day. I've been glugging water all day long so hopefully I'll be OK!


You've got till September to get to your HM distance! That's ages and you'll find suddenly it will all come in leaps and bounds. In my first year of running I managed exactly 4 x 10k, one every 3 months. I could not get further and I couldn't do it more often. Then in March this year the willpower took over, plus probably more mileage and power in my legs. One week a 10k, the week after 11k, then 12, 13 - all the way up to 21.1km. There wasn't a long run every week, but every fortnight I added one or 2 km on to my longest run. It was never easy, it was never fast, but every time I set myself a distance I ran it. Your time will come, you may need a bit of consolidation, but don't worry. You are a strong runner and you will smash it!

The hot weather doesn't help of course!

loisameliaGraduate10 in reply to JaySeeSkinny

Thanks JaySeeSkinny :) Maybe I should ditch the Asics plan and just go on instinct?

JaySeeSkinnyGraduate10 in reply to loisamelia

It depends how your brain works. Some people need a plan, or a structure. They work for a lot of people, but not necessarily everybody. You are quite speedy and ambitious, but maybe a plan puts too much pressure on you. Wing it this weekend with Paul46-ipswich. Just enjoy - then go back to your plan. You've got plenty of time!

loisameliaGraduate10 in reply to JaySeeSkinny

I've never been described as ambitious before lol! Maybe I'm in danger of being too focused on the plan and sticking to it come what may.


Don't worry Lois, you helped me last time when I was struggling, we will smash this training. Let's do a nice really steady run on Sunday, forget the 13k let's do a 12k with some walk/jeffing thrown in. Xx

loisameliaGraduate10 in reply to Paul46-ipswich

Thanks Paul46-ipswich are you up for a really early start on Sunday ;)


Why not


You will be absolutely fine for your HM .

If its any comfort to you I had some absolute stinkers in my training up to mine last Sunday. Its all ebbs and flows and sometimes it just doesn't click , and the sunburn definitely wouldn't have helped .

I hope you have a lovely run with Paul on Sunday , cut yourself a bit of slack here . You are doing just great :-) xxx


How early is early?


I struggled with the heat and no water last week. I think if you take water with you and drink beforehand (and that means the day before as well) you will feel better. If it's warm, I soak my buff in cold water and wear it on my wrist so I can wipe my face with it - that cools me a bit.

I hope you have a lovely run tomorrow :)


Nothing wrong with stopping for a walk. You walk if you need to, it's how to get the job finished. I do it all the time.

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