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OMG registered for first 10K!!

Well after three weeks off from running due to holiday and then a cold and cough, I have just registered for my first 10K run!

It was my first night back out running tonight and only managed 4K but wanted to take it easy as haven't been well and haven't run for about three weeks, maybe four. So glad I managed to get out though!

Before my holiday and cold I managed 7k. So I'm hoping in just over 4 weeks I can manage 10K.

I really need goals to aim for as it really helps me focus. So registered for the women's 10K at Milton Keynes.

So the hard work starts now 😬

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Exciting, there's no time like the present is there :) if you can get back up to 7k or even 8 in the next couple of weeks then the adrenaline should carry you the rest of the way on the day. Try to take it easy in the last week before the event itself, do your last long run approx a week before :)


Indeed 😃

A bit of cross training wouldn't come amiss now, e.g. Swim, cycle, work at strengthening your core. I use Jillian Michaels dvds. Zumba etc, all grist to the running mill

Go steady. Have fun 🙂


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