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Training for 10k podcast

Hi everyone just popped over to the Bridge to 10k forum.I wondered what would be the best 10 k training podcast to download.

My intention is to gradually increase my distance each time I go running ( hopefully every other day or if can't manage that ,then three times a week)

Today I ran just over 6 km in 36 mins ,but I would apreciatte any good advice from you experts out there.

Many thanks and happy running all !😀😀

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Well done on the 6K Peggy and welcome! If you check out the pinned posts here you'll see that ju-ju- has created a weekly training plan for runners wanting to get to 10K.

Another option is to do your own thing by running 3 times a week, 1X 5K, 1X fast or interval run say 3K and then your longer run where you increase your distance gradually. Please do not increase your mileage every run as you mentioned in your post. This way injury lies ☹️ Just follow the Golden Rule of not increasing your total weekly mileage by more than 10%.

Enjoy the trip 🙂


The one and only Sami 😃 Do C25k+ Stepping Stones podcasts first though

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