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Training for 10k

Hi all!

I have my first 10k race (I am not treating it like a race) on 19th November, but have only trained to 5k so far. I was meant to start training this week -I have been running regularly but not up to 10k - but I've come down with a terrible cold. Is 4 weeks a realistic goal to be able to train from 5 to 10k? I think I'm just a bit scared!

Thank you

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It's a big ask. You don't have enough time to get to 10K but if you keep to the 10% rule (don't increase your TOTAL weekly mileage by more than 10%) you could get to 7K. I believe that if you get to this distance before race day then you can manage 10K on the day. The atmosphere and adrenaline will get you round.

Your cold will have an impact. Don't run if you have any symptons below the neck and regardless of this, your body will be tired and sluggish. Don't push it and only run when you're fit and any "below the neck" symptons are gone. If you have to walk part of the race then that's absolutely fine.

There will be loads of other races!


Thank you! I want to do it and if I have to walk, so be it.


The 10% rule states you should not increase your weekly mileage by more than 10% of the previous week's total mileage.

If you are running 3x5k, then increase one run by 1.5k in the first week, so do 6.5k, following week do 8.1k, next 9.9k if my late night mental arithmetic is correct.

You have time to get there but nothing much to spare.


I’ve spent so much time in recent months adding on 10 percent to distances that I’m sure my running has improved my maths 😂


Haha! 😄


The B210K (bridge to 10k) app that I found said that it could get one there in 6 weeks, but it's a real push.

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