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first run after hip pain

well decided to have a go tonight enough sitting and walking

I thought best not go to mad so picked week 4 C25K all started well no pain during warm up or the first 3 min run then during the 5 min run started to twinge a little not to bad and did not get any worse next 3 min was fine ,then a little twinget on the second 5 min run but by the time i did the cool down walk no pain just a minimal acke which had gone by the time i drove home .

so will maybe try again on thursday

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hi did acke a bit by bed time and a little this morning but nothing like the first time


Maybe time for new trainers? First time I encountered hip pain, it was all down to my footwear...

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Just curious... after your last posts and the replies.. why you have started running so soon??

Maybe give it time to heal or as suggested by MarkyD get it checked out?

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did not think it was too soon as i had no pain at all for 2/3 days and the pain was very minimal while running and did not increase as it did the first time did acke a bit the following morning but that had gone by lunch time and nothing since not sure if i will try again tonight or maybe leave it another day

Not really sure how long to wait


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