A gentle 6k - who'd have thought such a thing was possible?

This time last year, as a recent graduate, my standard runs were more like 4K, this year they've increased to regular 5ks and today I toddled out for an easy run, covering 6k. I was deliberately slow, as I'm trying to do slow runs staying within a certain range (heart beats). It was very easy, my legs hardly noticed anything, I didn't get out of breath and I felt great. I still think it's incredible that the words "6k" and "gentle" can go together, that I can run that distance and feel good. This is exactly the kind of thing I wanted when I started this programme. I am amazed!

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  • I was thinking what it was I wanted when I started too. One of the things I love is going to parkrun and being part of a group of 100+ people all doing something amazing together. I also love those moments when I can turn the speed up a notch and really sprint, it really gives me such a release. But you're right, being able to just comfortably cover miles and miles is incredible too :)

  • Sometimes just taking a step back and seeing how far you've come is just amazing. I love sprinting aswell - really letting rip for 60 secs or more - I find it really exhilerating. Next week I'll do a run like that. Next run is some more running tourism, along the Rhine in Cologne, and it will be slow because I won't know where I'm going! Then another longish run at the weekend.

  • I'm exploring Epping forest for one run per week at the moment - also slow going as the terrain is quite variable and the paths are confusing. At least with the Rhine you'll know where you are as long as you can see the water... :)

  • I seem to be unable to just slow down and enjoy plodding along. I always end up pushing myself to go faster... Hmmm

  • That's why I've started using an HRM which tells you which zones you are running in. That run was zone 3, which is still pushing it. A recovery run is in zone 2 - which will be very difficult!

  • Ah, you are telling me I need another running gadget? I like the sound of that.

  • Oh, definitely! A whole new world opens up. I even managed a run in zone 2.5 today. But the next one will be at least zone 4!

  • I'm not very good at gadgets but I think my next running watch will have a HR monitor...

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