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I have been running for two years now but still from time to time, I feel even a 5k is a battle. Breathing is good and I have my own pace but sometimes my legs just feel tired or even my calves get uncomfortable when I run. I run four times a week nowadays, 3 x 5 and a long run and even my short runs have been a battle. Knees are great and I recover well but on Saturday, I was attempting a 10k long run and by 3k I had had enough. So I did a recovery walk and then ran again. I just kept doing that with a ratio of 2:1 running walking. I noticed I was enjoying the run segments so much more and I was even springting which felt good. I knew I had a recovery time coming soon. Afterwards, my legs feel amazing. Do you think maybe I should do this regularly? Could it build up my fitness and confidence??

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  • I have done a lot of run/walking over the past couple of years - mostly in regard to training for and running half marathons (3 of them in 3 years) . I do like run/walking and don't especially enjoy non-stop running for longer than 5K. I do parkrun every week and force myself to run it non-stop and have done it so often now (100 times) that I think I have got that sorted :) Sometimes I push the envelope on "pacer day" - but mostly I regard it as a social run and take my time by running with slower runners. I most enjoy run/walking when it doesn't have any pace element to it - training for races using run/walk and training to run a specific pace tends to lessen the enjoyment for me. - it also seems to reduce my ability to run the 5K non-stop. I find that running for 1K and then walking for a minute or so allows me to cover long distances nicely

  • Having said all that - I think I have decided to concentrate in future on the 10K distance and will be attempting to improve my non-stop ability over that distance in the coming year.

  • I pretty much do run / walk for anything over 5k. I still do my 5k runs mid-week non-stop, because I really don't want to lose the ability. But my longer runs at the weekend are run/walk. I started off with a 1 minute walk every 5 mins, but recently I've taken over Bazza1234 's idea and I take a 1 minute walking break after ever 1 km. I've got up to 15 km that way, at a pretty steady pace of 7:30 / km. I would love to get up to a HM that way - we shall see!

  • Sounds like fun all round :)

  • Do you run the first 5k then run walk JSS?

  • If I'm going for a long run I'll do run/walk from the start. I tend to decide from the beginning how far I want to go. If I'm really determined it keeps the gremlins at bay, if I'm undecided they win, by yowling that 15k is too long/too tiring etc.

  • I think you have just inspired me to commit to the Galloway system :)

    I started looking at it again and for my goal of doing a Marathon at my age and stage it is probably a very sensible technique.

    Thanks for your real-world reporting :)

  • You're running a lot, Joolie - do you mix it up as well, with hill work and intervals? Although you're putting in a lot of distance, you might find that doing a shorter run that's a different type just gives you a bit of a break. If you look at the various plans for increasing distance, just doing the same type of runs but lots of them isn't what they recommend. Sorry - you might be doing this anyway and following a plan, so apologies if I'm telling you what you already know!

    Glad you liked the run/walk though - I've been struggling with that recently! I know a lot of people who use this for longer runs and it works brilliantly for them.

  • No I just plod along usually. I felt the walk breaks have boosted my ability to run a little faster, might mix things up a little, good suggestion 😀

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