Sore hips - help

I recently finished the C25K.

Ive entered a 10k to raise money for a charity very close to my heart so I know I need to step up my training.

On Thursday I went to a local running club, really enjoyed it with a great bunch of people. However I probably hadn't run a full 5k yet and I really had to push myself.

Friday and Today I've been very stiff and sore in my hips. I went for a gentle 20 min jog today, it was all I felt up to.

Any suggestions how to deal with/prevent the stiffness, or will it just get better as I get fitter?

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  • You need to build up distance and speed slowly as a newbie to avoid injury. Look at doing some hip flexor stretches and strengthening exercises on your glutes,quads and hamstrings. Things like clams, squats and lunges are good.

  • Thanks. Thursday was maybe too big a step up, so I think it's just sore muscles. I'll take it easy for a few days.

  • I suffered from a very sore hip , and went to see the doc who sent me for an Xray to rule out any possible stress fractures . That came back clear so I went to see a physio. He told me to rest for 2 weeks and gave me some exercises to do. If you look on You Tube , there are exercises called " The Bridge " and " Clams " which I had to do twice a day. Mine was caused by weak glutes , " its all about the glutes " according to my physio :-)

    It cleared up and now I don't have any hip problems at all.

    Good Luck, hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Thanks, it's better this evening after a gentle 1.5 mile jog at a slow pace and some stretches. I thinks it's just muscular as I feel it most if I've been sitting inactive for a while,

    I'll just take it steady

  • Be careful Kerry! Probably too soon to push yourself, take it easier for now and build, although the running club mean well don't let them push you, or you may feel you want to keep in with them, but take it easy! Rest up and get the aches to fade away then go again but easier!😊

  • I also got that hip pain after initially upping my distances and I've now incorporated hip stretching exercises into my post run routine. A favourite is sitting on a chair with one leg up across the other knee like a figure 4. Then lean across to that knee (the one your foot's resting on). And then switch over. Try the others suggested above too. And don't be afraid to take a break at the running club if it feels too much. Just explain you're new to running and you want to build up to certain things. How long have you got til your 10k event? :)

  • August 6th so I have time.

    I really enjoyed the club run, they were lovely and a few of them took it in turns to drop back and jog with me. Nobody made me feel like I was holding them up, I think I just put pressure on myself.

  • I'm also that slow runner that everyone runs back to. But all the same I look at my pace afterwards and it's a lot faster than I'd do on my own. It's a real skill to be confident enough to stay slow when everyone around you is going fast. I'm still learning it nearly 2 years since finishing c25k :) Maybe take a week off running club while your hips settle down. Build in more stretches in your routine and be patient. Plenty of time til 6th Aug :)

  • Hi - it was sore hips that stopped me from reaching any more than 7k last year... so went to see a Chiropractor and it turns out as my pelvis was out of line it was having a knock on effect on my hips, back and shoulder. The relief that they gave was incredible so I keep going back every now and then. In the meantime I make sure I warm up and warm down properly, and there are some brilliant tips in the other replies on the best exercises. Good luck, hope it sorts itself out!!! I'm now soooo close to 10k... my run last week was 9k, it's not far away!

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