10km Event Sunday - sore throat and sinus 😩

Yesterday I woke up with the shivers and a sore throat. I took it very easy but I still have the sore throat today, luckily no shivers. It's very rare I get stuff for more than a day with cold sort of stuff. I'm now worried it won't of gone by Sunday. I have made the decision not to run this week just walk to keep my arthritis at bay but probably not today. It's such a bugger it looks like a perfect day for a run in London today. I can get over this by Sunday can't I?

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  • see how you go...try not to fret and mentally tell yourself that you will not be ill!!!!! I so hope you do get better by Sunday and that is a few days away so you have time...

  • Thank you. Your right positive thinking is the way forward.

  • Metatone tonic might help I had chest infection a few weeks ago and took this for a week and ran 10k yesterday πŸ™‚ Helps boost immune system can buy from supermarkets under Β£5 xx

  • I will have a look at that, thank you.

  • Get well soon honey xx

  • Which 10K were you running, Dawn? I ran the Heaton Harriers Memorial 10K on Town Moor, Newcastle yesterday morning. I didn't spot you there, though there were quite a few Blackhill Bounders running. Have you joined them yet?

  • I did the 10k Mo-Run started at 2pm there were a few Blackhill Bounders at the memorial run πŸ™‚ Was a good day hope you enjoyed it Adam

  • How was the MoRun? I have mine in a fortnight so I'm really looking forward to it ☺

  • It was great 😊 I enjoyed the feeling at the finish having ran all the way and achieving a PB Good luck and enjoy the run xxx

  • Thanks ☺

  • Get something from the chemist to give your immune system boost. And I'm a great believer in the power of sleep. Try to get as much as you can in the next few days and I bet you'll feel much better.

  • I use a sleep hypnosis app I find that helps at times like this, thank you.

  • I need to find that app! What's it called?

  • I use a guy called Andrew Johnson, his hypnosis apps have helps me through some pretty bad times, I follow him on Twitter and he comes across as such a lovely person as well. The apps are well priced for what you get I think.


  • Thank you for that RFC. I have really bad sleeping patterns and would love to find a solution. Will take a look at this....

  • Thank you, my Dad lives in Yorkshire and I ring him every day so we often comparing the weather. It sometimes goes the other way as well were he has had a great day. I'm sure I will be fine by Sunday.

  • You sure can RFC, stick at it and not those cold gremlins for six! πŸ™‚

  • Thank you. I will get my boxing gloves out.

  • Hi rfc, just wanted to say I hope you start to feel better soon. Sometimes these things go as fast as they come. Fingers crossed for you for Sunday.

  • Thank you

  • I hope you feel better soon. All the best ☺

  • Thank you.

  • Hope you feel better soon - but don't pressure yourself.

  • Thank you. I have already told myself there are three stages to consider, I'm not well enough leave it, (judging how I feel today that is unlikely as I am picking up) 2nd walk it, I can do it in The cut off time 1:45, 3rd my normal run/walk. Hehe I am growing up! It surprises me sometimes how running makes you make sensible choices the more you get into it.

  • Get well soon RFC! Hope you feel better today and that things are looking up for your weekend race. I reckon you'll be feeling good by then if you rest up well this week. 😊x

  • Thank you, your right I am feeling so much better than Sunday, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.

  • Excellent news :)

  • How are you doing now?

  • I can do it. Probably not going to be any PB's but I feel up to it. Thank you so much for asking.

  • Hooray! That's really good news x

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