Early bird got a shock!

Early bird got a shock!

I have been running now for about 18 months. Recently I have increased to four times a week running x 5k and if I can one would be a 10k. My legs have been struggling though even doing 5k but I have kept going. I am working full time so if I was to run today, it was a silly o clock 5.30 am stumble. I wasn't aiming for any speed but just to do 5k. I couldn't believe my eyes when I did it in 29 minutes! Wow, how did I do that?

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  • Great effort!

  • Well done you! 🤗

  • That is a brilliant time, very well done especially at that time in the morning!

  • Ket'rin. That's where my sons were born.

    4 x 5km per week is suiting you very well. Sub 30minutes - you must be really pleased with that. And, importantly, 23 seconds under 30 minutes, too. You smashed it.

  • Congratulations! And well deserved. You must have run before your body woke up 😄

  • That explains it, wonder if it will happen again?

  • Congratulations - that's brilliant.

  • Because you are a star!!!! Yeay.. super speedy runner!


    Did you sleep run :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Nice one, Joolie. If it is way faster than you normally run, then it is worth checking your splits. My GPS has played that trick on me before now.

    We always say speed comes in time.

  • I miss thinking that might have been the way I did it tee hee

  • Well done, Joolie 🏃 All the good work is paying off!

  • Go you! Fantastic run 🏃🏻‍♀️😆

  • Thats great Joolie congratulations you have worked so hard with all those early runs😆

  • Well done you!

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