A little pathetic but what can I do?

A little pathetic but what can I do?

Managed a 5k early this morning. My wonky calf did trouble me again resulting in about 6 stops and so I feel a bit cross about my troubles rite now. Still, I did 10k in Race for Life on Sunday and so far 2 X 5k this week, what can I do, I am trying my best. I am still running but frustrated I am not finding 5k relatively easy and a weekly 10k is reasonable to run. Guess it is testing my resolve and determination to run

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  • I don't know, wish I did. When you say it is a wonky calf, what happens? You're running on it fine and trouble free, then you get a stabbing pain?

  • And who's the little cutie?

  • Sorry answered the wrong person there! My cute grand daughter, Ivy, she came to shout "go Grandma, go!"

  • She looks adorable

  • It is more like a cramping sensation, muscle tightening. Seemed to come out of nowhere when I was doing a weekly 10k and now I struggle to do even 5!

  • You said you stopped 6 times, so when you stop running, can you walk no trouble and does the cramp go away if you walk for a bit? If so, maybe you could run/walk since you're preparing for a HM, aren't you? Could you run/walk your long run so you never run long enough to get the cramp and on your shorter runs do the same but gradually extend the running sections till you can run 5k without cramps again?

  • Seems a reasonable idea! I am not a fan of run walk since completing C25K but it got me through the programme so maybe I need to return to it. When I walk, the pain lessens but still tight in the muscle. After a minute of relief, I can run ok until the pain reappears

  • Can't you keep off it for a bit? If you're struggling then have a break. You can join me on the injury couch. Which reminds me, my ice pack is ready!

  • Yes, be careful not to make it worse, frustrating as it is resting up now may avoid a longer layoff later Great photo.

  • I will have a few days off from running again. Then stick to 5ks for a couple of weeks and go from there

  • You have done brilliantly JoolieB1 but it may be time to rest up and recover a bit , I know that sounds drastic and frustrating but better that than pushing on and risking more time out.

    Don't be so hard on yourself , your best is more than enough and a great example to manynincludingbthe lovely tot in your pic , hopefully it is a blip along the way.

    Take care and look after that wonky my calf and yourself 😊

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