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Slow jog but back to 30 minutes non stop


Ever since getting back from France at the beginning of September I seem to have been on stop/start for various reasons. Holidays over and have decided to make sure the winter doesn’t undo all the hard work. So, as of Monday, back on healthy eating and reducing alcohol intake and aiming for 3 runs and 2 gym workouts a week. First run on Tuesday was a disaster. Had to walk, got a stitch, couldn’t breathe, legs hurt but covered 5k, which was the only positive. Gym yesterday - warm up on rower then full body workout including lunges and squats. Things were not looking good for this morning’s run, when I could hardly walk downstairs! But the sun’s shining, the sky is blue, autumnal nip in the air so I put on my kit and set myself a target of running for 30 minutes without stopping, which I haven’t managed for a while. 0.5k warm up, made sure I slowed right down and, 30 minutes later, I had done it. 0.5k warm down at the end and I’d still managed 5k in 39 minutes. Very slow in comparison with earlier times, but back on track. Happy running peeps 🏃‍♀️

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Yay! Keep on keeping on! 😁


Welcome back to the running world Sandie1961 🏃‍♀️👏👏

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Thank you Dexy


Well done. Getting back into routine post holidays is difficult. Keep going.

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Thank you. To be honest, the holidays were ok and I continued doing 3 runs a week (even got up at 6.30 to beat the heat). It was when I got home that it all started to go pear shaped! But, hey, onward and upward 😃


I struggled too after a holiday and suchlike - welcome back. That’s quite a tough regime you have. 3 runs a week, a Pilates session and a few gentle walks is my lot 🌻

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Thanks. Yours doesn’t look a doddle! You wouldn’t believe how much my thighs and glutes hurt😫

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