A breakthrough at last...🎼Goodbye Laura, hello Samantha🎵🎶

Hello everyone,

My first post on Bridge to 10k. I have been trying for so long to increase my running time, using the c25k+ podcasts, but have been finding that I could just manage the 30 or 35 min run I was doing and finding the last couple of mins soo tough.

So I have been running at least twice a week, not particularly enjoying the run, but feeling satisfied afterwards. I am afraid like so many of us of losing the ability to run having put so much into the plan.

But...today I had a breakthrough and am joining you on the bridge if you don't mind.

I worked out a longer route, which has a steep hill by a main road, but decided that it would be ok to walk up this hill (about 20 mins in) then carry on with my run. I found out from Poppy pug the Samantha Bridge to 10k details and hubby put them on my Mp3.

SO...This evening I went out and ran for 45 mins.. week1 run1. It was brilliant. Bitesize runs of 10 mins with a one minute walking break between. WHAT A DIFFERENCE..I Really enjoyed it. I felt confident and strong, and not completely wrecked at the end...😊😊

But 45 mins, I hear you ask not 40 as required. Well I missed the cue to start running after the warmup walk. So started the podcast again but ran through the warm up so the first section was 15 mins non stop... total distance 6.9km.

So happy to have broken that 30 minute barrier at last and thrilled with being able to run for 45 mins... the walking breaks are short (1 minute) but just enough to make a difference. Im excited about doing it again now.

Hope you don't mind me sharing this with you all. Miss Wobble, Pops says this is a fave of yours. The music is great too... maybe a bit girly but I think the Cranberries were in there. So back with some structure to my runs. Mental block at 30 mins smashed. 🎵🎵Goodbye Laura, hello Samantha🎵🎵

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  • Well done Jan ! Sounds like you really enjoyed it and it's got " the love " well and truly ignited !

    Yes misswobble absolutely raves about this programme , she's still using it to this day :-)

    Glad it all went well . Have fun and enjoy it ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks for your help Pops. Yes I feel really motivated again..like at the start of c25k.

    Hubby was a bit worried 'cos I was out for an hour... but pleased that I had enjoyed it.😊xx

  • I'm glad I could help Jan :-) xxx

  • Welcome! You know, there is nothing wrong with walk breaks. We focus so hard in C25k to run 30 minutes straight, many people get upset walking afterwards. If intervals work for you, you can walk in every run. It can allow you to go further, easier as you have seen. And faster - all pbs have walk breaks. Well done.

  • Thanks RWD,

    I think I have spent too long consolidating my 30 mins non stop, cos I was scared to stop mid-run in case I couldn't start again. Plus its nice to be given permission to walk!😁lol.

    I just never had anything left to increase my run by just a min or two..so was struggling a bit. Now set for a new challenge..

  • I also enjoy walk breaks and they have indeed made me faster, especially on longer runs. Well done for breaking that barrier!

  • Thanks Jaysee,

    Looking forward to going out for a run again.😊

  • Would very much appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction of where to find this app for downloading. Thank you.

  • Hi want2run2,

    Poppy pug gave me the links to this Bridge to 10k plan. Its a step up from c25k and for people who have graduated and can run for 30 mins non stop. Not sure where you are on the plan, but if you are ready maybe Poppy could help you.

  • Yes, RWD is right, Laura tells us we must keep running without stopping- well, you've graduated now and can do whatever you like! Make it work for you! For me, I don't like walk breaks, but just come to a complete stop for a while, maybe 30 seconds, and just enjoy the view or take a photo or whatever...and indeed, lots of runners walk up steep hills, it's normally faster, and you don't knacker yourself!

  • Thanks Curlygurly,

    I've tried using the c25k+ podcasts, and playing my own music, going cross country, running with no music and running week 9 again and again but could never manage more than 35 mins.

    So although I think Laura is brilliant and has given great tips it was time for me to find a new coach. Have downloaded Sammi Murphy and looking forward to my next run again.

    Also have climbed up onto this bridge for support. Thank you for yours.x

  • Well done.

  • Thank you IP😊

  • Well done you! I'm on a different bridge plan but it sounds much the same! I'm being bothered by a little bunny rabbit that's as annoying as the frightful Julie! However, it all keeps me going and that's what you need! Stick at it, I'm sure it's going to be as hard as c25k but just as successful!

  • Thanks Old trout, yes, its taken me a while to realise I could let go of Laura's hand. Been consolidating far too long.

    Loving the freedom of just running, knowing that you can manage each session within the run, and getting further afield without the pressure of hills wearing me out.

    That little rabbit sounds funny..🐇😊

    Im doing the Sammi Murphy one that Poppy pug and Dave_links knew about.

    Feel confident about running again rather than finishing exhausted. Im sure it will get harder though..lol xx

  • Wahay! Well done. Week 1 podcast plays a bit quiet, and mine stopped abruptly but after that it'all fine. You will find the tracks have been specially selected for their inspiring, uplifting lyrics to pick you up or give you a boost if you flag. The walk breaks are heaven-sent. I use the podcasts on all my longer runs when sometimes a walk is needed ☺

    I posted up the play list a while back. I will see if I can find it.

    The link to the podcasts was also posted up a few days ago.

    I got a bit stuck by week 4 but repeated it a bit til I pushed through. There is no hurry. Take your time and have fun 😊

  • Thank you Misswobble,

    It was good knowing that you enjoyed this podcast when I started it. I can see why...the music is upbeat and quite funny.. it does lift your spirits..😊

    Enjoy being given permission to walk too. You still feel like you are having a good long run.. (that minute is over quick) but it just gives you enough time to collect yourself ready to carry on.

    Im looking forward to working through it and will keep in mind what you have said about week 4. Yes, week 1 is a bit quiet on the commentary.. I missed my rin cue at the start and ended up replaying it and running the extra five mins warm up too.. which gave me the 45 mins so all good.

    It won't catch me out next time though lol😊😊

  • This reminds me. Pump up the volume you 10kers!

  • Thats the song I had in mind.. I had that single in the 60's.. good old Cliff.😊

    I still think Laura is brilliant..

    But Sam is the new kid on my block..lol xx

  • Hey well done!!!! Could you tell me where the Samantha bridge to 10k is please? Have tried to look before but couldn't find it:( keep on going!!!

  • Hi

    Here is a link to the post that AndyD kindly shared with us.


    All the C25k podcasts are on here plus the Sammi Murphy Bridge 2 10k and another 10k one .

  • Thanks for reposting that link from AndyD poppypug . I've been trying to find these podcasts for ages. Tried the bluefin ones but didn't get along with them so well but looking forward to meeting Sami now. Always good to try summat new. 😆 and if misswobble recommends them, they must be good.

  • No problem Noaks ! :-)

    Have fun :-) xxx

  • Good luck Jan-now-runs. I loved reading that post, so upbeat & full of excitement.

    Enjoy the bridge & we'll see you on the other side! 🤓

  • Aw thanks Noaky,

    I had never thought 'oh maybe I could train to do 10k', as that just seemed impossible for me, that is soo far. I just wanted to be able to finish my run not absolutely all in..you know - hands on hips, heavy breathing, wincing a bit.

    I think its a mental block that stops you from taking a walk break once you have graduated 5k as it feels wrong somehow. I saw that OldFloss was doing a bridge to 10k plan and fancied trying one, but knew she had run 7k and more and I haven't been able to get anywhere near that. So I put it off.

    I heard about the Samantha podcast and thought it would be something I could do. Messaged Poppy about it cos' I couldn't find it either and hurrah... breakthrough 😊

    Have already done 6.9k so now beginning to believe that 10k could be my new target..lol😊(oops I said it)

    Think you will enjoy it too, for something different, you have been doing so well, anything that helps in this warm weather is good and the music is fun. The recording of week 1 is quiet though and its easy to miss the commentary.

    One foot up on the bridge..hold a place for me.😊x

    Thanks to Pops too for reposting the link, a few people seem interested. x

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