Hi all! Well I'm at the stage now where I am gradually trying to increase my km's .

Today was a rubbish run so I am not even going to talk that one through! My last good run was 6.28km.

So my question to all you 10k grads. Is there a good bridge to 10k podcast that is on the same lines as Laura's C25k that I can down load onto my ishuffle please.

Many thanks all and happy running all!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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  • Everybody has rubbish runs. I started trying to get to 10k by following an Asics plan (not podcast tho): I didn't get to 6.25 k with it BUT I did fall in love with slow running and feel that ultimately the stamina that that gave me is what got me to 10k. At some point I got to 8k but then went back to 2 miles at a time (whatever that is in Ks), did the odd (very odd) 5k just to prove to myself that I could, went back to 2 miles at a time, played with increasing and decreasing my speed - focused on trying to get a consistent pace, and then on Sunday I went out hoping to 5k but and didn't feel like stopping! It's 13 months (and 3 days) since I started running.

    You'll get there. (I know that wasn't actually the question but everyone's journey is different - maybe just play with running for a bit: if I recall rightly you've not graduated that long ago).

    I didn't have a rubbish run today because I had a fab walk with a friend. I'd planned to go running and thought of you and RainbowC and both of your determination but, in the end, knew I wouldn't enjoy it (too hot, too knackered!) so you have my admiration for even trying!

  • Many thanks pollyp1 and yes you're quite right ,I have only been a graduate since April .

    Anyway part of what made the run rubbish was indeed the heat, also I ran a different route which included across a big field normally filled with cows.Perhaps if there had been cows in today I would have ran faster asI'm petrified of them ha!The field was overgrown ,lumpy and wet. I managed to run 30mins (stepping stones) then gave up!

    However you have given me loads of inspiration so massive thanks for thatπŸ‘πŸ˜€

    Sooooo! here's to my next run ! Thanks again pollyp1

    Happy running!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Glad to have been some sort of inspiration, pollyp1 πŸ˜‰ But yes, sometimes it just is too hot to run. I'm of for a dog walk now :)

  • There is a set of Sami Murphy Bridge to 10k podcasts somewhere, so hopefully someone here will be able to give you the link as they're rather difficult to find! Most B210k plans are too quick for me - having taken 9 months or more to get up to running 30 mins and another few to get to 5k, o don't fancy my chances of getting to 60 mins in just 6 weeks!

  • The 10K plan from Women's Running Mag... is great... there is one for first timers and I have just done the 10K revisited plan...but it is not a podcast... you do it yourself. I photocopied the 10K revisited plan for Curlygurly2 . There is this link?

  • I think this,is the link to the Sami Murphy podcasts

    Try that

  • My fave podcasts in the whole wide world. All that free music 😁 Sami is a tough nut and kicks your butt. I got a bit bogged down on week four but redid some and pushed through

    Even the cool down music is good

  • Hey, Congrats on graduating!!

    It sounds like we are in similar places...I graduated a month ago, and have been running 3 times a week since, but since the end of Laura I'm feeling a bit lost on whether to increase pace, or distance, or try a new programme etc.

    I looked at the womens running and it seemed a step back as it goes to running for a minute then walking again etc. and felt this was a step backwards as I was doing 30mins non stop. Then looked on the asics one, and felt this was too changeable like the start week of C25K. So I felt a bit lost.

    I spoke to my husband who has been running for quite a bit longer (used to run regularly, hasn't ran for 3 years, but started a couple of months ago and is already back up to 10-15km a few times a week...some people are just 'made for it' lol) and he suggested to try doing a little bit of a mixed plan to see where I am comfortable since I don't have a clue without structure.

    So I now tend to run 1 x 5km run (around 30-32mins), then I do 1 x 7km run (extending this overtime to 10km by adding an extra 0.5km each week or 2) and then my 3rd I have as a free-run- he suggested to just go out with no distance and no time constraint and just see what I fancied doing.

    This 3rd run has really surprised me-the first week I did 7km without noticing, another I only did 4km before giving in, then last night I started on my normal 5km route-ran off path and got completely lost and by the time I'd got home I'd accidentally done 8.75km. This run every week also means if I have a 'bad run' I just say that was the one and it doesn't discourage me as this is my free-run anyway!

    Hope you find something good to do. If all else fails, just stick your trainers on and go out with no plan and you might surprise yourself!

  • Hi MrsQ thanks for you post. I must say it has given me lots to think about. And as you say if all else fails I just put on my trainers and go for a run.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  • Great to read your question as I'm in the same place too. Stuck to the C25k religiously and now wanting to progress but a little aimless without the comfort of Laura's schedule and encouragement. A running friend told me about Fartlek training and I've been really surprised how including bursts of speed have helped me run for longer distances without feeling whacked. 😊

  • What's Fartlek training? Have heard of it but not too sure what it entails or even what it is.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Basically interval training where you choose a spot in the distance to run faster to and repeat through your runs. Loads about it on Google 😊

  • Many thanks ! Will try that tomorrow ! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • I use Active's 5-10K plan, which comes as an app rather than being podcasts. It doesn't come with it's own music, which leaves you free to play your own.

    Sorry, not been awake long, totally didn't notice the word 'shuffle' in you post. So this is no good to you πŸ™ˆ

  • No worries .Thanks for your reply.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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