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So we have the obnoxious Gary and Sluggish Sally and I thought I'd continue the theme and introduce my personal gremlin, Sensible Sue. I have the normal little devils who tend to sit in the trees on my return route, jeering and throwing pine-cones, telling me I'm knackered, useless etc and urging me to stop. But I can usually beat them. Sensible Sue is much more subtle and she is also best friends with my husband. She is always very logical with comments like "that pain in your leg is the start of shin splints, you'll make them worse if you run today. Why not wait till tomorrow?". She likes to play on health worries, that slight sore throat is the start of flu, which will lay me low for weeks if I run and exacerbate it. She points out that I'm tired (hence weaker immune system), that I have a busy week at work and need to conserve my strength. That I need to get into work earlier and don't have time for a run early in the morning. She joins up with my husband claiming I'm overdoing it. Looking at me as if I'm mad when I pack jogging stuff for a business trip, saying it's taking up too much space. All her arguments are perfectly sensible and I find myself struggling to justify my actions. She is a thin, blonde, beautiful, mid-40ish lady - waspish, bitchy, know-it-all, perfectly under control, no passion or excitement, like a school mistress. She can take the fun out of everything, deflate my enthusiasm with one vicious - but perfectly logical - pinprick. She would have my life perfectly organized (housework is more important than running), but soooooo boring. Because I am also a pretty logical, sensible person, she has moved in with us. Any ideas on how I can get Sensible Sue to move out?

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  • .... I see you know my Ex fiance....😯

  • At least you realised and she's your ex😈

  • Erm...sadly, and naively, it took me a long long time to understand I was better off without her. But, such is life. Right? 🙂

  • Seriously though, wonderful description of the negative stream of consciousness we all do at times :) Will definitely help me remember when my gremlin tried to sabotage me next time :)

  • Yeah. Deny she exists, which of, course she doesn't! ☺

  • Don't know the answer to getting rid of Sue but if you find out do let me know. One of my gremlins sounds exactly the same.

  • I'm really enjoying meeting everyone's gremlins! Gary is muttering about organising a Gremlin conference so that they can all share their methods, but he's in two minds about it as that would mean shuffling into the hall t get his address book and the phone, which is obviously way too much hassle.

    Is Sensible Sue Sluggish Sally's friend? I could send Gary around to trash her place and pick his nose until she feels ill, if you like. If she is slim, blond and efficient, you want to find her Achilles tendon - I'd go for either hiding her Swiffer or making her spend an entire evening with Donald Trump.

  • Ooh, a conference! Sensible Sue likes that idea, but fortunately I don't think it'll work. Sluggish Sally won't get out of bed in time and Gary the Gremlin won't go as it's too much effort. Plus I'm sure Sue would ban unhealthy things like crisps and booze. She'd probably take a really healthy option (vegan), can't see Gary doing anything along those lines. Might be different if Doris the Doom gets involved aswell.

  • Sluggish Sally would wake up too late and then would decide there's no point going after all.

  • Well at least we know that we can rule and divide now. I'm off to find Doris the Doom - where's her moment of glory?

  • Oh this made me smile in recognition. What a nightmare gremlin! The negative 'you-can't-do-this' ones are pussycats compared with Sensible Sue. Suspect she's related to Doris the Doom who sometimes sits on my shoulder warning me of the end of days if I go out for a run. I'll get injured; that little sniff will develop into full blown bronchitis; I'll get an asthma attack; people will laugh at me; I'll hurt my knee again; I'll get back ache; I'll be late for work...... She has a hundred and one reasons why I shouldn't start a run and just as many for why I should finish early. Grrrrrrrrrr

  • I think they must be sisters.

  • Wow Doris the doom must spend too much time looking up all her symptoms on the Internet 😨

  • Doris sounds quite intelligent because she plays on the health and professional doubts - very clever. Gary knows I can't be late for work, because I work from home. It appears that Gary is the only male gremlin. He is very proud of himself and is perfecting his pole dancing routine to impress the gremlin girls the day we all meet.

  • He'd better watch out or he might end up losing weight. All that exercise. He'll be paying attention to his appearance next. Sensible Sue will sort him out.

  • His problem is that he actually finds his pasty paunch very sexy. He admires it side-on and rubs it in front of the mirror, a bit like a pregnant woman. He only took up pole dancing bacause he can hang onto something (he's been watching National Geographic videos of sloths to get a few ideas of energy-saving moves).

  • Eeeeewww! That's an image I didn't really need stick in my head :-O

  • You're welcome. He's aiming to dance like Jose Garcia in the nightclub scene of "Le Mac" one day, but that requires effort.

  • JaySee how about sending Sensible Sue over to tell Sluggish Sally to get out of bed sometime... Also she might be useful for making sure I wash my running gear in time for my next run :)

    I feel her qualities have the potential to be harnessed for good...

  • Yes, if I could distract her with other "worthy causes" she might lay off me. I'll have a word with her. But is there really much hope that she can change Sluggish Sally?

  • We have to hope! :| :)

  • Ha ha love this jaysee..😂

    Sensible Sue sounds like a difficult lady to get the better of. You are doing a great job ignoring her nagging...

  • I call my gremlins" Caroline can't" and heavy leggy.. they got the better of me past couple of weeks.. but tomorrow I'm going to kick their butts into them who's boss!!!

    Thanks jay see.. this made me smile, knowing I need to take control. X

  • Heavy leggy... :D

  • Go sparky66 - you kick those gremlins out (for the moment). Let's all run away from our gremlins this week - they can meet up on their own if they want, but we'll be out there running our little legs off🏃🏃🏋🏻🍾

  • Oooh my gremlin is Nancy the Nag....why can't you go faster? Why can't you run further? All in a whiny , high pitched nasal voice...

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