I've created a monster

I've created a monster

This morning Mrs GF, myself and Rico went for our short run. I was feeling a bit under the weather thanks to a very nice Malbec. It was a bit chilly this morning but lighter thanks to the hour change so no headtorch required. We set off into the woods with Mrs GF running at her pace and me following Rico who wanted second place. Well there was no stopping, no let up and the first mile ticked by in 11 mins odd. That was quick for running with Rico. No excursions to visit the wildlife either. So we got to the long hill back to the start and I started pumping my arms and picking up the pace. Garmin informed me I was well above my alarm heart rate a number of times and thankfully I got to the top. Second mile was 10 mins and 4 secs. Mrs GF came second followed by Rico.

I would have liked a leisurely run this morning but Mrs GF was having none of it. "Oh I thought I'd push it this morning!"

No pictures from this morning so I've included a picture of something that is visiting under our cabin in the garden.

Happy running all - my hangover is just starting to subside. (At last)


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  • Haha good for Mrs GF. There's nothing like a run to clear the head after a couple of glasses the night before. :D

  • Indeed EM or 3 for me and one for Mrs GF ;-)

  • Oh my Argentina makes some stunning melbecs!! You must go to Mendoza but you will need to train for it!! Oh yes the running.....I love the sounds of that run. It's great to Mrs GF doing so well!!

  • That is where my wine was from Parra Alta Malbec from Mendoza. Love it. and the running is good too. Mrs GF is getting very speedy these days

  • Here in Chile we have to hide our secret love affair with Malbec from Mendoza. We joke that there is an unwritten law "No wine shall pass between the Andes"

    One of the best melbec's I have tasted was Archival Ferrer and they do this this raisin wine. OMG its like heaven and I hate sweet wine but I will be dreaming of this in the summer, chilling in a bucket of ice. Goodness i sound like at alcoholic, its not even 8am yet!!

    You will have to keep stepping up your game now!!! 😀 Its lovely though going out together.

  • Lovely run and that looks like a naughty badger to me!!!!! Hasn't Rico seen him off?!!!

  • No we have the sides fenced off so Rico can't attack it ;-)

  • Lovely post G ! And Go Mrs GF , she's certainly keeping you on your toes Ha ha fab ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks PP. Spent the afternoon watching our Marathoners - Brilliant

  • Good for Mrs GF! And you've obviously been a very good teacher! I've never run with a hangover but some folks here reckon you run faster. Might be worth a test run.....

  • Some of my best runs have been hangover induced ;-)

  • No hangovers for me anymore, thank the Lord!

    Lovely badger!! Lucky you to have him visit your garden. They can make an unholy mess though can't they.

  • Yes it really has churned up the ground, probably relocated a metre cubed of earth and flints.

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