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Kallyfudging the Great Manchester Run 10K

So its been a while since I posted anything, I had a really bad end of 2016 and start of 2017, I was sectioned most of this year and got out about 1 month ago. Since then I've been carrying on loosing weight in a good way and carried on what exercise I could do in hospital (not much, including 45 minutes running around a small single tennis court whenever I could - about once - twice a week..) increasing it significantly since getting out.

I'm back doing 5ks, done 3 parkruns, I've done 10ks etc. I've signed up to run the Great Manchester Run on 28th May I'm hoping to beat a time I set a long time ago when I was a different me (2012 47:49) I've got loads of training plans but what I tend to do is go out and run 5k or 10k faster than I did last time, and usually that works, I can knock some time off each week. But that Isn't in the training plan, so to keep focussed and try a plan I'm also thinking of joining a running club. The club would have the added benefit of making me meet people and not be depressed and lonely.. possibly.

The 10k will be important, I'm running it for MIND and hope to raise some money. I think I'm posting this because I haven't told everyone what happened to me and it would be good to have a practice run here, where I am a bit more anonymous although not very, before I put anything on Facebook or anything. Also this forum keeps me focussed on my goals and always inspiring me to go out for another run. I dont know, probably not making much sense. There it is.

Currently still waiting for the fundraising pack from Mind. I'm new to this so not sure exactly what to do.

Time wise I'm in striking range I feel. I still cant do half the distance at my old pace yet but there's time 7 weeks! An ocean of time I could drown in. And maybe I can start a better plan in. I'm also loosing weight, 4.5 KG since getting out still overweight. I should be well into normal weight by race day and that should make it a lot easier.

Anyway, if you made it through that then I apologise. I don't know what's wrong with me either. Oh and I can't rotate my profile picture, so I'm just going to pretend I live on the equator.

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Hi Kallyfudge! I'm sorry to hear you have been through such a rough time but it's good to hear from you again. Well done for keeping going with the running through such a difficult period. If you set up a justgiving page for your MIND run, post the link on here and I will donate some money.

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Katie its very good to hear from you too! Sorry I dissapeared, its good to be back! I really appreciate that, that is extremely kind, I will try and sort the page out soon, I'll contact mind first to make sure I'm not missing anything. I checked that I am running for them on the GMR account, just haven't heard yet, my email system isn't the best though.

Well done on your Runniversity! I think mine will be on the 12th. Your running routes still have the best names!

(I'm still using excessive exclamation marks (and brackets))

Thanks again Katie, it is realy good to be back and hear from you, well done one keeping running!

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Oh Kally, I am so sorry to hear this , what a tough time you have experienced . My heart goes out to you .

When you receive your pack from MIND it will give you details on how to set up a Just Giving page or you can set up your own account on there by going on the Just Giving website .

I really hope your difficult time is over and you're feeling much better .

Take care and please keep posting to let us know you're doing okay xxxx


Many thanks Poppy! I will keep updating, I'm doing a lot more to keep from falling this time, I think I've learned from what happened, Im aware I felt like nothing go wrong last time also so I'm being much more wary. Many thanks for your help also, I'll contact MIND probably and get it set up, do you know how long the packs take to come? I'm probably not leaving it long enough, signed up about 2 weeks ago (24/03). Tomorrow Ill probably do some crosstraining and go for parkrun on saturday.


Hi Kally , I would think your pack would come probably end of April beginning of May .

Hope to see you there and Good Luck with your training ! :-) xxx


Hi Kallyfudge, sorry you've had such a hard time but well done for getting back on here and getting back to running. I hope you can find a running club that suits you and helps with all your goals. Your time for your previous GMR was super-fast, wow, so it gives you a target to aim for but if this version of you runs it in a different time, that's fine :) Good luck with it all - let us know how you get on.


Well done for getting through the last month since you've been back home, and keeping up with the running and the weight loss. I did the GMR last year, would be lovely if you could meet up with poppypug as we did last year, and good on you for running for MIND. I know how hard it is to battle depression, had a really bad 6 months or so myself back in 2011, and running since 2014 has really helped me, as has joining a run club, and going to parkrun, I'd really recommend those as a great focus. Onwards and upwards, keep on posting :)


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