Great Manchester 10k

Morning All

I graduated the C25k programme last year and have been plodding about doing 5k's here and there. After Xmas I promised myself to try harder and do more so I can loose weight again and I have signed up to do the Manchester 10k in May 2016!

OMG I'm really slow and worried it'll take me hours to cross the line but from tonight I'll be working on my speed on Tuesdays and my distance on Thursday's and Saturday's.

Does anyone else have any amazing tips to help me?

ha ha, like don't do it!

lol, jokes aside I'm really looking forward to it and would welcome any advice.



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  • Hi ! Im doing this too ! I did it last year !

    I will always remember this event. It was my dream when I started C25k ,so to take part in it and complete it was a dream come true for me ! Plus it was the first time I had ever run 10k so a double Brucie Bonus for me ! :-)

    I would say , first of all , don't worry about speed or pace or anything like that . There are proper racing snakes who completed it in less than half an hour , but I would say the majority of people who do therun , do it for fun and just to enjoy the event .

    You will have a great day, its a fantastic experience, it really is . Thousands of people cheering you on , lots of runners in fancy dress, bands playing along the route, music, funny signs , Aw its brilliant !

    Good Luck , and I hope to see you there as we are having a C25K meet up ( for all of us Ooop North ! ) :-D xxx

  • Oh yeah nearer the time I'll see where your meeting. I'm from Notts so not local at all, I'll be doing it with my work team and they'll be directing me where to go! I think our business is putting 3 teams in this year so lots of support from colleagues too!! Thanks!!

  • Aw thats great, you will have a brilliant day, Im sure :-) xxx

  • Morning!

    I did this race last year too so here are my nuggets of experience...!

    1. I trained up for it by doing the Bridge to 10k podcasts. Having completed it, I would NOT recommend this program to anyone! It's very intensive and I ended up running the race in agony due to shin splints! Everyone is different, of course, but given what happened to me I would recommend a different way.

    2. After having several months off due to the above mentioned injury, I was back to square one. I re-did Couch to 5k, and since then, have simply increased the distance of one run per week using the 10% rule. I soon got up to 10k again and (touch wood) am largely injury free!

    3. Listen to your body, if you feel ANY niggles on the way, don't try to run through the pain (like I did!) And get them seen to. I bought a foam roller a month or two ago and it is a godsend!

    Good luck with your training, love the GMR but giving it a miss this year for various reasons. It's a brilliant day! Hope you enjoy it :)

  • Thanks for the advice guys, I am doing my first "10% more" this Thursday so wish me luck!! xx

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