Bridge to 10K

Didn't manage to get out for my Friday run, but back on track now (hopefully)

Away for a lovely long weekend with the family, kit packed, Friday run route planned. In the end, the only thing my running trainers came in useful for was as a spare pare of shoes after being caught out in a torrential rain storm which lasted all of 15 minutes but soaked us through to our skin! Fortunately the rain covers on the pushchairs held up so at least the children were dry.

Monday evening's run with with the girls in the park was hard. Don't know whether it was being cooped up most of Sunday flying back, or whether the sore throat I woke up to this morning means I'm coming down with something, but there seemed to be no power in the legs. Curiously, speed wise it wasn't too bad.

Wednesday I'm going to stick to the W2 3x15 min runs with 1 min walk in between - have a sports massage booked for the afternoon so need to get over my dislike of running in the morning. Which reminds me, driving to the airport on Thursday at 6.30a.m. I was amazed at the number of runners already out - I don't know how you early morning people do it, am full of admiration for you!

Friday is long run day.

So that's my running week planned and in the diary. Now hoping for reasonable weather.

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Sounds like a good plan. Enjoy your sports massage 😖


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