Dancing Daintily Through Delightful Daffodils

I was really reluctant to go running this morning, as I was sure my knee and my achilles were about to start swinging and thought maybe an extra rest day would be on the cards. Mr R was indignant," You should be out there running, I've put all your stuff ready!"

I couldn't really argue with that and I quickly donned my gear. I decided to try Week 3 of Sami's programme again, but instead of doing a 8 or 9 k loop I would do it closer to home, so that if necessary I could call it a day and get home relatively easily.

The five minute walk was a bit sluggish to begin with, but being overtaken by another walker spurred me on and I was soon at my first park ready to do a couple of laps. Getting a little bored I headed off along the road towards the woods, and did a couple of laps, noticing that although my Mojo is still missing, there were also no gremlins in sight, and I began to settle into the run.

Then it was over the road to my big park - would I have enough energy to do a full lap. I had by now covered around 4k and a lap of the park would be another 4 at least. The snowdrops were drooping and the crocuses had well and truly croaked, but that's when I realised that someone had festooned my run with some delightful daffodils. So much so that I had to pick my way through them (if they'd been tulips I would have been singing "tip Toe Through The Tulips"). They were in fact then lining my route as if put there to cheer me on, and that's when I really started to enjoy mr run again. Grinning all over my face, I just wanted to do my lap of the park so that I could run through them again.

It was a lovely run, and with my warm up, cool down and 2 one minute interval walks I managed to cover just over 11k in 1hour and 7 minutes. And lovely Mr R greeted me at the door with a glass of water, putting the kettle on and making my toast as I finished my stretches. :-)

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  • Alluring alliteration!

    Good run, Raz.

  • Great post. Daffodils are my favourite flower. They're so big and jolly after the bleakness of winter. Plus they don't need any effort to maintain...

    That sounds like a perfect run. No Gremlins. And your wonderful Mr R doing his thing. :)

  • Sounds lovely - daffodils are so pretty 😀

  • Wayhay! What a lovely run & so glad to have you back 😀

    Sounds like the gremlins were happy to let you get your mojo back in place! (After all if you're not running they're pretty much out of a job!! 😉)

    So glad you & the daffies got to smile.

  • Thanks Davoda, and thanks for your concern and encouragement. :-)

  • Beautiful...post and run :)

    Sounds deliciously delightful...a redolent route reminiscent of romantic rambles, perfumed paths and scented strolls through the park!!!

    You did brilliantly! 11K in an hour... wow!!!!!! And lovely Mr R. there at the end of that great run... double wow!

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