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Self Imposed Torture Works Wonders

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Had a shorter run today and it was again Michael Johnson’s turn to come with me and put me through my paces. Week 1 from C25k but fartlek style. So when he said walk I ran my usual pace and when he said run I ran faster. It seems like a good idea, but how can running slightly faster for just one minute be so exhausting? The first interval after the 5 minute warm up walk was a bit of a shock to the system, (note to self: do my own warm up walk then jog with Michael’s warm up next time... if there is a next time). So the next 90 seconds was spent trying to get my breathing back in check while running at a more reasonable pace.

My legs were happy with this, but by the time Michael said to run again (i.e. run faster) my lungs were not so sure. But somehow I managed to persevere through the whole of the run like this, somehow convincing myself that this odd form of self imposed torture was good for me. At the end of the intervals I decided I would continue to 5km, and left the park where I’d been running laps (more masochism, as I hate laps almost as much as I hate running fast) and headed for the woodland up the road. At last, I said to myself, I can enjoy my run, and settled into a comfortable pace. But I spoke too soon as before long my tired feet stumbled, and I found myself flailing through the air in an unsuccessful attempt to stop myself hitting the ground. At least I didn’t damage my previous wrist injury, so I got up as quickly as I could hoping that if I kept on running I could ignore the grazes on my knees and arm, and at least thank my lucky stars that I didn’t land in a massive clump of nettles (like my fall some weeks ago).

Well it seemed to work as at 5km I had been running for just over 25 minutes. I can’t believe it. I’ve been trying to break 27 minutes for so long and this was nearly 2 minutes faster.

Happy running everyone. 😄

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That's amazing raz. Not the fall, that's awful to hear and glad you are OK. But your speediness is something to behold. I wish I could crack 25mins. Will have to fartleks week one too 😂 👍👌

I really don’t enjoy them at the time as I have an aversion to pushing myself, but as they say, “If you want to run faster then you have to run faster...” 😉

Who knows, you might even enjoy a bit of fartlek, Pink.

Nothing going to stop

you Mrs Raz.

I hope you are injury free and with good recovery and I am absolutely delighted for you and your result.


Anxious read but what a result,🤔

Your rewriting the manual.🤔


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Razouski in reply to Tbae

A few grazes and an interestingly coloured bruise on my knee, but otherwise pretty unscathed thanks Tbae. 👍🏽

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I feel your pain (in both senses), you have obviously managed to work out how to do these speedy Week1 runs far better than me.

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Razouski in reply to ChrisAllen1

I’ve tried it a few times now Chris. The first time I was so knackered after the first two intervals I just got slower and slower during the rest of the run. Now it seems that I’m starting to make some progress. 😀

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Oh that's brilliant Raz, well done!! Hope you are ok after the fall. I'm going to my second fartlek session tomorrow on my short run using c25k w1, this time with inhaler in👏😊

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Razouski in reply to Lorijay

Good luck for your session tomorrow. I hope it goes well Lorijay.

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Sorry about your fall Razouski but what a great time! At the moment I just can't sustain 5min kms so maybe intervals is the way to go? I don't like running fast either though 😂

I’m a bit of a liability where falling is concerned as I have inner ear damage which gives me room spinning vertigo and balance problems. But at least I didn’t damage anything this time. My aspirational goal is to one day run a sub 25minutes 5k, so I was pleased with this. And the day got better with a rehearsal and then concert at the Albert Hall with Thomas Søndergård conducting Mahler 8 which was awesome. Need to stop grinning now! 😁

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pianoteacherGraduate10 in reply to Razouski

Wow what an amazing day! 😮

Impressive time - and interesting use of C25K app to support interval running.

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Razouski in reply to DebJogsOn

Thanks Deb, I needed something to give me the timings for intervals so the C25K week 1 seemed like the ideal solution. I have tried Speed podcast several times but Week 1 on the App meant I could listen to my own music. Much nicer than Laura’s choice.

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Whoop,whoop. It works 💪👍😃🏃‍♀️

I was doing “surges” yesdy but only 30 or 40 second fast bits with two minute recoveries. Cos it’s so short you can hang in there knowing it’s going to be all over very soon 😤

I felt epic after 😁

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Razouski in reply to misswobble

I’ve not heard of “surges” before. Glad you enjoyed ‘em.

misswobble profile image

Nor me. They must be different from fartleks as they appear further down the list

Not sure how they differ. It’ll find out in due course 🙂

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