New trail shoes yummy

New trail shoes yummy

Can't wait to try these today, it's drizzling outside so they should get a thorough test in the mud.

I was originally going to get Adidas kanadia7's but couldn't find them in a shop anywhere, I'd been told the 8's are crap. A mate of mine loves the speedcross and as he's an ultra runner I think he knows what he's talking about so let's see, I will post a review later.

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  • Looks like a birthday celebration there Paul! Happy birthday! Hope you have fun in your shoes,Boz has some of the same make and loves his! 😊they are very nice and brightπŸ˜†

  • Very nice and happy birthday.

  • Happy birthday Paul, and congrats with the nooo shooos!

  • Ooft! They're a bit lovely. Don't be taking them outside. They might get mud on them. Put them on the mantelpiece!

  • OOh just look at those! Superman shoes! You'll fly in them! Happy happy birthday!

  • Oooooo i have shoe envy!

    They will look even better with mud on them.

    Happy birthday, enjoy!

  • What does a runner get for his birthday? Running gear, preferably shoes. There's the motivation for the next few runs (not that you need it!). Happy birthday!

  • Happy Birthday Paul and happy running in the rain!

  • Oh what beauties! I could stroke em! I bet you have! I think Juicy-Ju runs in Salomons and what she don't know about trail running aint worth knowing! Big up to our Ju there! No pressure Paul!

    Happy birthday too! What a lucky fella you are. Mind you I just got treated to pair too. What it is to be encouraged out the house!

    Good day for it ! Cold, wet, miserable. Fab weather for hitting the trail. Go put em through their paces! Let us know how it goes

    Have FUN!

    Just smiling at your Tags!

  • Omg why did I get tags on fungal infection? That's weird

  • Happy Birthday... Snazzy shoes !!! Many happy runs in them :)

  • Happy birthday! Lovely shoes - they'll dirty up just beautifully! πŸ™‚

  • Lovely, they need mud......and lots of it! πŸ˜„

    Happy Birthday πŸŽ‰


  • Thanks guys, I christened the shoes tonight, loads of lovely mud, the grip is impressive

  • I bet you enjoyed that πŸ˜€

  • Beyoootiful new shoes! Happy birthday - hope you enjoyed getting them muddy :O

  • Wow, very snazzy! Happy Birthday!

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