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Trail shoes

Now that my running is improving I'm thinking of getting off the tarmac a bit and back to running along the clifftop. Having finished the C25K course I'm not sure I could keep just doing 30 minute circuits of bungalow city. But winter is coming. I'll be negotiating slippery muddy tracks, cross slopes and avoiding rabbit holes. So I need some off road shoes. Any suggestions?

Bear in mind I'm not planning to run the Marathon des Sables. Off road I expect my pace will drop a bit at first. Seems to me that off road shoes are a bit stiffer with a bit less cushioning but to be honest, I know nothing.


John Snow

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Just get to your nearest running shop and try some on I get one with a rock plate as my trail is really stony. some trails shoes are mud specialists

There’s not just one for all terrains If only it were that simple. 😃

I have Saucony Peregrine and Mizuno Hyate 3 i really loved my old Brooks Cascadia but the new models are just not the same 🙄


I love my Asics trail shoes and use them on all surfaces since I haven't any others!


All trail shoes are neutral, so don't need to worry about gait analysis etc.

Assess your likely running routes and ask advice from sales assistants, if you are somewhere where the staff are trained. Waterproof shoes seem like an odd idea, since once you have stood in a puddle, you want your shoes to drain.

Amongst others, I have always had a pair of Karrimor trail shoes, which are not the most durable but are comfortable and very good value. Don't expect reliable advice in Sports Direct, though.

Make sure that any road running you do in trail shoes is kept minimal.


Thanks Ian (I'm guessing it is Ian, sorry if not)

nice to know they're all neutral, which I am. I guess that's because the running surface is likely to be uneven anyway. I shall concentrate on what fits the best, and if I can get last years model or a horrible colour at a discount so much the better.

Upsets the kids if my trainers are not cool but now I'm getting older I intend to devote my life to embarrassing them as much as possible anyway.


It is Tim, actually.

All running shoes are way, way cooler than leisure trainers.

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My first ever pair of run shoes were Karrimor Tempo trail. I wore them yesterday to do my physical jerks. They are not the grippiest! My Peregrine's are ok on mud

I have read good things about the cheap but good More Mile trail shoe. Apparently it's one of the wider toe box jobs and gets raves. Plus it's cheap!


Never heard of it before. Just had a look online and that is cheap.


I guess its trial and error as much as anything. I have bought a number of pairs of trail shoes over the years. I find the lack of cushioning a bit challenging as there is almost always a bit of tarmac as well as the trails. I wore them on my trail marathon in April which did make a difference as there were some huge mega hills, but I did blister as they dont have the same comfort. However i am now sticking to hybrids even though they have less grip as i like the protection. You may find your normal shoes are fine. is it very technical?


No, just slippery and rutted. Fine when dry but dodgy when wet.


I do use my Nike Pegasus Road shoe on a not too bad trail, but not in winter

The brooks Cascadia is a hybrid trail shoe and I wore mine to death as I loved them so much. The newer versions have gone too narrow in the toe box for me now but it’s another for you to consider trying on

I would deffo try on 😃


I like a minimalist trail myself - very flexible. I need to have a good feel for the ground under me. It's a good point about assessing what you mean by off road although I can end up anywhere and don't always know where I am going to stop and run when I get in the car - might be bog, might be rock... might be a trail (when arguably road shoes would be better)

I have some Brooks Cascadias but find them a bit clunky and prefer my Vivobarefoot Trails and New Balance Minimus Trails (the latter disgracefully not hard wearing, the former excellent)

My brother likes the multitudinous forms of Innov-8 claws.


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