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I have been running four times a week for a few weeks now. Started with 4 x 5km. Felt I was missing a long run so last week did 3 x 5 and a 10km last week. Just for mischief, I am planning 3 x 6 and a 10km this week - tee hee πŸ˜€!! Hope I come through the other side LOL. Legs feel good so far, up at silly o'clock in the morning (running gear out already) for run 2!! Have you ever been sneaky with your running?

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  • Good luck!

  • The only sneaky thing I do is - shhh!!-- buying running shoes!!! But I AM up to pair number 18 .

  • I was just going to say the same as Baz! I have at least two pairs stashed out of sight 😎

    I hid my running from my husband and son for ages as I knew my OH would take the pee. He only found out when he locked me out and I had to knock on the door to be let back in. As I was in my winter running gear I couldn't really deny it πŸ˜€ He did take the pee as suspected πŸ™„ He doesn't now, and bought me my new daps πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

  • Don't tempt me, I bought mine about a year ago while doing C25K. One for general running and some trail shoes. They were cheap and cheerful but they are so good I don't want to trade them in just yet

  • Wow, that's lots of running, Joolie! Well done!

  • Toffee legs feeling good and it is one of the things in my life that I can control!

  • I did most of the c25k programme without anyone being aware of it in my family. And I have been known to sneak out in full walking gear, telling hubby I'm only going for a walk, only to start running - walking boots and all! It was after a lurgy and hubby thought I wasn't properly fit yet, but I thought I was and didn't want a fight.

  • I was a bit sneaky in January....I was recovering from an accident and my lower back was quite sore. I took doggie for a stroll but couldn't resist a jog (wearing dog walking clothes, walking boots etc!). Shuffle would be a better description - could hardly move, pace was 10min/k.......shhh don't tell hubby!

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