Mind tricks, worked again!

I have recently switched from 3 runs (5,5,10k) to 4 runs (4 x 5k) each week which has been very good because I get more days with a run in it, therefore more fun. Legs are fine and I have a nice easy pace so happy with that. I did my 3 x 5k runs in the week and I have been missing a "long run" day, so went out today a bit disappointed it was going to be a 5. However, I wasn't feeling too energetic, so by 3 I was relieved I wasn't doing a long one. I thought to myself I could get to 5 and see how I feel, when I got to 5, felt ok, nice plod so thought "why not go to 6?" So I did, and then just felt 10 is a better number, so I kept going! Do you ever use mind tricks to go further, it works every time with me?

Pretty happy because this week I have done a 10 and 3 x 5 which is 25 Kms, so four runs is not only more fun but it also allowed me to up my distance. Pretty happy with that and planning the same again next week!

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  • That's brill Julie, told you you could do it! Just make sure you have an easier week every 4 or so...

  • Well done. Funny how sometimes you struggle early on, thinking you will have to cut things short, make it to 5 and can suddenly just go on much longer. I started this lark hardly able to run for a bus and now I find myself thinking I am more of distance runner (within limitsthat is!!!)

  • I do better when I'm flagging if I set myself an object to run to rather than a number of kilometers or number of minutes. It doesn't always work, but it works more often than it doesn't.

  • When I have a hill ahead, I look down at the ground and run to something I can see, before I know it I am at the top - yay!

  • There's a slope I have to run up in the dark on Monday nights towards the end of our 5k, it kills me every time. Seriously, a SLOPE, but it feels like it goes on forever. The only things to aim for are the bit where the long grass disappears (1/2 way) and the first of two huge trees (3/4 of the way). The second tree is only visible when you get to the first and that's when you know there's no more 'up' to do. I've never run it in daylight and I almost don't want to.

  • In a way, I think uphill is better than downhill. I need to make sure I bend my knees on impact downhilling to avoid impact. When I walk, I hardly notice uphills, when I run, it is a different matter!

  • That is impressive, very well done :)

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